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6.45 PM Start

'Time and Space': Year 7 Fathers and Daughters

6.45 PM Start

Time & Space for ‘Fathers and Daughters’

She is growing up and the opportunity to reflect on the joys and challenges of this time in your life and her life, is one not to be missed. This is a special night for the girls as they witness the fathers discussing the importance of their role. 

We think that the girls seeing and being part of a gathering of fathers and mentors with this good intent, helps them to build their profile of a good man. This is a great night for seeing how you handle the ‘letting go’ process as they start to forge some independence.

Year 7 Fathers and Daughters Evening:  Thursday 23 August 2018

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If you have any other enquiries, please call Reception on (03) 5251 1136

Location: St Thomas Church, Peninsula Drive, Drysdale - 6.45pm for a 7.00pm Start (finish by 9.15pm)

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and not all fathers can attend an evening such as this. A male mentor such as a grandfather, uncle or family friend is welcome to attend.

Loyola Market Days
12.12 PM - 1.30 PM