2018 Theme Announced

Posted 09-Feb-2018

On Friday, as part of the whole College assembly held at Costa Hall, Dean O’Brien and Kerry Kingsbury our College Captains announced the College theme for 2018.

Here is a transcript of their speeches from the assembly. Dean was first to speak:

Hello to all staff, students and guests to this assembly. I want to start by asking everyone a question: How many of you are completely comfortable with calling yourselves a leader?

I’ve come to realize that we have made leadership into something bigger than us; something that seems so beyond us.

We’ve made it about changing the world. We’ve taken this title of “leader” and treated it as something that one-day we’re going to deserve.

I worry sometimes that people only spend time celebrating amazing things that hardly anybody can do, that we’ve convinced ourselves those are the only things worth celebrating. Those things are great, fantastic but sometimes we start to devalue the things we can do every day, We take moments where we truly are a leader and we don’t let ourselves take credit for it, or feel good about it.

I’ve been lucky enough over the last 5 years to work with amazing people who’ve helped me redefine leadership in a way that I think has made me happier.

If I may, I want to point out the success of one our staff members and a friend of mine.

Recently, Ms. Meagan Canaway was announced as a baton bearer representative for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Since its launch from Buckingham Palace on 13 March 2017, the Baton has inspired athletes and fans across Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

The baton arrived in Brisbane on Christmas Eve. Ms. Canaway will have the opportunity to represent the Borough of Queenscliff and Geelong region to carry the baton and pass it on to where it will eventually reach the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Now, Ms. Canaway didn’t just ‘apply to do this’, I mean, who goes out of their way to apply to become a baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games torch…

Someone else did! It was Mr. Collyer and despite Ms. Canaways’ best efforts to hide from this achievement from as many people as possible… (Why would you it’s the Commonwealth Games torch!) this achievement needs to be recognized.

I’m not sure if this action was one of Mr. Collyer’s really funny jokes or a genuine kind gesture, maybe both!

But taking the time, out of the 86,400 seconds in his day to give someone an opportunity to do something pretty cool is an act of leadership in itself. And all it took was probably 10 minutes to send in a nomination form.

How do I have anything to do with this situation? Well, Mr. Collyer took the opportunity to use an assignment I completed in year 9 R.E about ‘Spirit filled people’ like Ms.Canaway who was the local figure I chose to write about, and he used this for the nomination form.

Ms. Canaway emailed me this information the other morning, and I was taken aback because I had no idea what she was talking about, and when she elaborated, I still had no recollection of completing this assignment. In summary, the actions that we consider to be small are not at all small.

Regardless of the ultimate goal of your own actions whether it be to deliberately help others, or whether it was luck, they have the power to benefit others, and these actions can come from everyone.

So without further ado, the College Theme for 2018 is:

‘For our tomorrow, we take action today.’

Hopefully my speech makes sense to you all, but now it’s time for Kerry to elaborate on the theme, and address you all for the first time this year.

Kerry then addressed the assembly:

Good morning staff, students and special guests.

Welcome back to another school year at Saint Ignatius College. I’m sure everyone has had a well deserved break over the summer, and I’m excited to see what 2018 brings us.

Each year students are given the opportunity to have the title of a leader within our college.

However, it is not exclusively those students who are leaders. Beyond what we are taught in our classes, St Ignatius is guiding us into becoming leaders.

We are taught that we are women and men for others, and that St Ignatius is inspiring me to be a leader. This has been consistent since our very first day at Saint Ignatius.

As tradition during the first assembly, the College Captains introduce the new theme for the year. This was not an independent choice by the G4, but after meeting with all the leaders from the Jesuit Catholic schools in Australia. Each school came up with a theme during our conference. Casual chatter about leadership quickly changed into thoughtful conversations about how important it is, not only in school, but in the global community.

As Dean said, after considering and reflecting on many different ideas, the G11 (the College Captains) decided on ‘For our tomorrow, we take action today.’

Teachings of the last three Popes have helped us to make our decision for the theme. The first one being from Pope John Paul, who told us what we believe, the second, Pope Benedict told us why we believe, and lastly, who we are currently focused on, Pope Francis, who told us what to do about our beliefs.

Starting off the year with this theme, I would like to say that your actions may seem small to you, but you will never know the impact they have on someone else. Like Dean writing his assignment on Ms Canaway which led to Mr Collyer’s application on her behalf, and now the great honour she has of baton bearer.

Or a small affirmation to a friend, might be the confidence they need to do what they were too afraid to do before.

So, leadership does involve all of us. It might be something small that barely takes a second out of your day, or something big you invest months in.

But no matter what it is, it will always have an effect on our future.

Dean and I plan to take action this year, big and small. And we want to invite you to do the same.

Congratulations to all those receiving awards today and let’s all have a great year.



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