2017 Level Excellence Awards and Keynote Speech

Posted 12-Feb-2018

As part of our Awards Assembly held at Costa Hall on Friday February 2nd, Joshua Smith (2014 College Captain) gave a keynote speech on 'How did Saint Ignatius College prepare me for success at and after school?'

Joshua then assisted in the presentation of the 2017 Level Excellence awards as a part of our award ceremony (Award winners are listed below).

About Joshua Smith:

University: Biomedicine 2015, Nursing 2016 – current, Law 2017 – current

Work: Electorate Officer for Lisa Neville MP, Adventure Park

Achievements Post School: National Netball Champions 2017 (23/u Men’s Division, VMNL premier Mixed Division Champions 2017, Zone Academy Assistant Coach, GFNL Assistant coach, B Grade umpiring badge.

Here is a transcript of Joshua's (pictured with Mr Michael Exton) speech:

Good Morning Staff, Students and Special Guests. My name is Joshua Smith and it is an honour to be addressing you today. When I was asked some months ago to present at this assembly, I thought to myself “Why do they want me to talk about my life?

It’s pretty boring if you ask me!” And it would not have been until Tuesday night on my way to netball, when my iCal reminded me it’s time to jot some ideas down, that I really took the time to reflect on what a journey I have had. It would not be an understatement for me to say that none of what I have achieved could have been possible if the College hadn’t prepared me for the world I was about to enter.

It is quite frightening to think that 9 years ago I was starting out as a Year 7 student, quiet, shy and happy to go with the flow. Jump ahead 5 years, I had been to East Timor, nominated as a young leader in the Pride of Australia Medal and was about to address the student body for the first time as College Captain.

The person I was 5 years prior probably would have cried at the thought of all that, but the way I was nurtured, encouraged and supported throughout my journey here enabled me to flourish, and become the person that stands before you today. What I am trying to emphasize to you, is that in order to succeed, you must put yourself out there.

Take me applying for College Captain as an example. I put myself out there, was lucky enough to be selected by my peers, met with our local member Lisa Neville in the lead up to the 2014 State Election and as a result was offered a position in her office.

A job in a political office might sound mind-numbingly boring, but I honestly love it, and it has enabled me to form professional relationships that will be incredibly beneficial for my career today and in the future.

This is no different in the sporting realm. A person who has had a major impact on my life stumbled into it by chance. My sister was at a training session one morning that was being coached by an individual any netball nerd admires, namely Marg Lind: a State and National league coach that is probably one of the most respected people in the game.

I was on the spare court putting up shots waiting for Allie to finish when I heard a voice query “What’s your name young man”. I turned and it was Marg inquiring. I was elated beyond belief, but I kept my cool and told her my name. We proceeded to have a 20 minute conversation that resulted in me being offered a coaching job at the Academy Allie was a part of (fair to say that was a fun car ride home.)

Our friendship and coaching partnership continued to flourish and this year the partnership became a trio when I joined the City West Falcons as the 19/U coach with Marg and former Australian Diamond Nicole Richardson as my mentors. It was an amazing year and we fell short of being crowned premiers by one goal on the siren.

It might sound as though I have just been in the right place at the right time, but I can assure you it’s not like that at all. My achievements come down to one thing, and that’s a desire to help others. I get more of a thrill knowing I have helped someone, than I do from anything I have achieved in my professional, coaching and playing careers to date.

Saint Ignatius instilled the value of service for others in me, and it is a value I am so thankful for. Determination is another value that I developed during my time at the College and it is evident in many facts of my life, especially in my studies.

I hate not being the best, whether it is on the netball court or in the classroom. I strive for excellence (recently been described by my team mates as the most competitive person they know but let’s not go there). I am not one of those people that can do the bare minimum and do well. I really have to work hard to get the scores that I do, but when you are passionate about something, that persistence and application is easy to do.

If you have a genuine interest in what you are studying, you will naturally put the work in and your scores will reflect that effort. So when subject selection rolls around this year, I implore you to choose subjects you enjoy, not ones you think will make you look good.

To conclude, I want to emphasize the fact that there will inevitably be hurdles but how you handle them is key. Jordan Sparks summed it up pretty well in her song “One Step at a Time”. There will be times in life when you want to show the world what you can do, be it in your studies, sporting or extracurricular activities. People may doubt you or put you down. This may begin to feel frustrating, but what you need to remember in these times, is to take life one step at a time, conquering each challenge as it arises.

Thank you and all the best for 2018 whatever unfolds for you personally.

Josh Smith

Year level Excellence Award Winners

Year 7 (2017)

Thomas Bothe, Jamison Camilleri, Belen Coggins, Emily Green, Anna Hewitt , Sam Hines, Audrey Hughan, Meagan McDaid, Toby Mew and Emily O'Kane

Year 8 (2017)
Georgia Allison, Coco Bullock, Dana Campbell, Lennon Gangoso, Emily Hurst, Molly Maclean, Bailey Mitrovski, Grace Murphy, Florence Noble, Abbey Stanic and Tatum Wootton

Year 9 (2017)
Sara Braden, Alexandra Cooke, Matilda Crosgrove, Caine Gale, Patrick Gleeson,
Amelia Maheras, Matthew McInerney, Sophie Milsome, Milly Stannard and Emma Zanghi

Year 10 (2017)
Jack Brassington, Jaxon Connor, Lily Foster, Miranda Friee, Emily Jones, Ruby Mangelsdorf, Erin Skene, Sophie Skuza, Rachelle Spadoni and Natalia Wilcox

Year 11 (2017)
Lara Barnes, Leah Bensted, Isabella Borley, Matthew Clark, Mackinley Collins, Keira Ford, Chloe Hayes, Ronan Healy, Alexander Henry, Olivia Hewitt, Debra Lu, Callum McWaters, Dominic Randal, Joshua Saltalamacchia, Nickolas Sideris, Madison Smith, Daniel Vale, Matson Waring and Kyle Wig


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