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Saint Ignatius College is proud to be going from strength to strength, and we value our growing community, which includes, not only current students and their families, but our past students who make up our rich history.

With the growing numbers of former students, our Old Ignatians form a large and valued group within the Saint Ignatius College community. They have been part of the development of the traditions and values of the College and provide a rich history and an ongoing presence in the life of the school.
Upon leaving the College, students always remain members of the former student body of the College, automatically becoming Old Ignatians.

Old Ignatians can maintain connections and share the Ignatian spirit with each other and the broader College community in a way that upholds our tradition and values.

New Alumni Portal

The "Old Igantians" now have their own Portal with regularly updated information on up coming events, activities and reunions as well as photos and information about past alumni and what they have been up to. Simply click here to go to the portal.


Saint Ignatius College Facebook page is to share and engage with not only our present community of students, families and staff but all those who also belong to our community all former students, families and staff.

We no longer have a dedicated Old Ignatians’ Alumni Facebook page-our College Facebook page is about our entire community and so all activities, events and programs involving all of us will be promoted here. Simply click on “f” button below.

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  • St Patrick's Old Collegians

    St Patrick’s Old Collegians

    St Patrick’s College East Melbourne was the first Irish Jesuit school in Australia.

    It was open from 1854 - 1968 on the grounds we would now know as nearby St Patrick’s Cathedral (Cathedral Place, East Melbourne).

    The Alumni of St Patrick’s College (SPOCA), which still remains active, have become strong supporters of our College in the last few years and they wish to continue to strengthen our Jesuit heritage through an ongoing relationship with and connection to their old school.

    At "Mosiac", our awards ceremony, the Jesuit Alumni Award funded in perpetuity by SPOCA is given to the Saint Ignatius College graduate deemed to be living up to the Jesuit ethos and school motto “To Love and to Serve”.

    Recently a number of items from the original St Patrick’s school were presented to our school as long term loans for display at Saint Ignatius College.

    These initiatives have been a great fit for both colleges, in strengthening awareness of the Ignatian traditions and values and in keeping alive the memory of St Patrick’s College.

    The items include old school photographs, the original brass school nameplate from the front door of the school and an original Student Leadership Cup which are displayed around our College.

    A Loan Agreement has been signed to formalize the long-term loan to Saint Ignatius College of the St Patrick’s memorabilia and historical items.

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