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    VCAL News

    VCAL News

    Year 11 VCAL: Term 1 2019

    Term 1 in VCAL it has been a bit of a whirlwind really! Adjusting to a new program has taken some time, although we are all pretty well adjusted now. The year 12 VCAL students welcomed us to the program by hosting a breakfast which was a great way to break the ice. We really appreciated the thought and care that went into the preparation and organisation of the morning.

    Every Thursday is an upskilling day which means we undertake activities such as Yoga, cooking and barista training, and Safe Food Handling certification, where we all work together to build and develop stronger relationships between the students, as well as challenging ourselves. By doing this it prepares us for life outside of school and working with people we might not usually work with. It also helps us build our employability skills for work beyond school, or even just for part-time employment while we complete our studies.

    We are currently working towards finishing our Mother’s Day project where we will run a stall and sell items that we have made to Year 7 students for their mums. We have a range of different gifts available including hand-made concrete pots, cards, jewellery and more! We have had to develop a folio tracking our progress and recording all of decisions, problems, solutions and annotated photographs. Our assessment is based on our portfolios not the stall itself.

    Maintaining our environment is a big part of VCAL, showing that we are responsible and reliable in keeping it alive and lush, as it is always on display. In Personal development, we are studying different festivals and cultures for when we host a staff luncheon and serve food we have prepared from all around the world, which will happen during term 2. 

    Overall the best thing we have been involved in this term is working in the café (Déjà brew). It is a great way to experience working outside of school and it also increases our coffee making skills. Woking in the café allows us to improve our social skills by talking to each other and serving customers. 

    By Imogen Davis and Phoebe Harrison


    Year 12 VCAL: Term 1 2019

    Term 1 in VCAL Year 12 there have been many projects happening! Our first project was to plan, organise and run a welcome to VCAL breakfast for the incoming Year 11 VCAL students. We used this time to chat to the Year 11’s and give them some advice from our experiences last year. We also invited staff to join with us for bacon, eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit and coffee, of course! 

    Speaking of coffee, Deja Brew Café is back in full swing and the Year 12’s are enjoying running the café and refining their barista skills from Monday to Thursday. We are out on work placement every Friday and that is when the newly qualified Year 11 VCAL students take over the café. A few of us also came in on Open Day to showcase the Café, which was a lot of fun!

    We sent a proposal to the administration of the College to allow us (Yr 12 VCAL) to participate in a Melbourne Immersion trip, as we decided to explore the issue of mental health and homelessness as our theme for the semester. During our potential immersion we are expecting to help out at a soup kitchen, work in a soup van, as well as establish an ongoing partnership with Jesuit Social Services. We are hoping to bring the experiences and skills gained back to Geelong and to use them to support our local community. 

    We have also been working on a business enterprise project to individually produce and sell a product to the school community – there are a number of exciting businesses being formed! We are establishing business plans, book keeping, proposals and advertising campaigns. Some of the businesses include custom built pet food bowls, Tshirts, lip balms and handmade chocolates. Our businesses are an ongoing project running until term 3. To give us a good understanding of local business and enterprise we visited local businesses on the Peninsula, including Advanced Mussels in Portarlington where students discovered that it takes 12 – 18 months for 1 mussel to fully mature and about 3 seconds to eat.

    It has been a really busy term 1 and we are looking forward to seeing term 2 evolve!

    By Zoe Flannery 





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