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    Performing Arts: Performance and Instrumental News

    Article by Mrs Linda Pape

    Performing Arts: Performance and Instrumental News

    Public Speaking Teacher

    At the end of term 1, Ms Jessica Sherman left us to prepare for the arrival of her baby. We thank her so much for her excellent work with our public speaking students and wish her all the best with her new duties as a mum.

    This term we welcomed our new public speaking teacher, Laura Farrell, who is very excited to be working with our students. Laura has a Bachelor of Music Theatre from The University of Melbourne ( Victorian College of the Aarts). She also has a Post Graduate Diploma of voice studies from The University of Melbourne. We look forward to seeing our public speaking students perform later in the year.  


    Swimming sports

    At the recent swimming sports we were entertained by a number of students. It was great to see students come to the music area, pick up a guitar and sing. Nerves were certainly not a problem in this area. In the gallery of images you will see a photo of Laura Kitchingman performing on the day.


    New Woodwind Teacher

    At the end of term one, we sadly said goodbye to our saxophone/clarinet teacher, Grace Weiderman, who took up a permanent teaching position at a Melbourne school. We wish her well and we shall miss her very much.

    Luckily, we have replaced Grace with our very own Mrs Veronica Marrie who will take over Grace’s students. Mrs Marrie is very experienced and I am confident that the students will thrive with her tuition.


     New Talent

    It is wonderful to discover new talent in the college.  

    Storm Randall from year 8 is one of our new discoveries and he has already sung at a whole school assembly and recently performed with Sean Malone at a fundraiser for Project Compassion (picture in the Gallery). I am sure we shall be seeing more of Storm and Sean.


    St Patrick’s  Day concert.

    Last term, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, our year 12 music class was invited to perform in the Fitzroy gardens to over 2,000 Catholic primary students. Special thanks to Mrs Leonie O’Brien who accompanied us and was an excellent roadie.

    We were so proud of our students who performed so professionally and they were an absolute credit to our college. It has taken a while to get over the adulation of the screaming crowd and the exhausting signing of autographs!


    Lee Abrahmsen-Vocal teacher.

    Recently our vocal teacher, Lee Abrahmsen - Soprano, returned to Melbourne Opera to perform the romantic lead, Isolde, in Tristan and Isolde.  The reviews of Lee’s performance were outstanding and we congratulate Lee on her fabulous portrayal of Isolde (pictured 'on stage' in the Gallery).

    Lee also sang the national anthem from the roof of the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Boxing Day!


    Easter Liturgy

    Congratulations to the Mr David Rock and the  VCE drama students who acted the passion of Christ at our Easter Service. They performed beautifully and set the scene perfectly  for Holy Week. Go to our Photo Gallery page (Our School section of the website ) to see photos taken during the Liturgy.


    Open Day

    Open Day this year was such a success but a very busy one for the performing arts department.The performances commenced in the gym as the guests waited for the information sessions. Under the direction of Mrs Marina Brown, the choir performed beautifully to the waiting crowd.

    Under the direction Mrs Veronica Marrie and myself, the orchestra played a couple of pieces and they were followed by the year 12 band. Dance routines were held in the dance studio with Ms Kate Lehmann and Mr David Rock held some drama performances in the theatre.

    The Year 12 courtyard was also buzzing with a variety of buskers and I do congratulate them on coping with the weather conditions.  


    Geelong’s Best Busker!

    Congratulations to year 8 student, Arielle Renton-Gibb for reaching the finals of Geelong’s best busker. Arielle performed (see the photo Gallery)her own songs and accompanied herself on ukulele.

    Well done Arielle!


    Choose wisely   

     Over the many years that I have been teaching, I have become very aware of many students taking music lessons in the community from people proclaiming to be qualified teachers.

    Parents, please be careful when choosing your music teacher. It takes many years and examinations to obtain teaching qualifications in the performing arts area. You cannot claim to be a qualified music, dance, drama teacher just because you can sing, dance, act or play an instrument.

    Technique starts from day one and if taught incorrectly, can be very difficult to correct .

    I am aware that there are many musicians who are extremely talented and may have been performing for years but have no qualifications. I am sure they could offer much to your child’s development. You may have a musician in your area who is talented and gives private lessons. If this person admits to not being a qualified teacher but having a lot of experience as a musician, this is fine as you know where you stand.

    On the other hand, if they state that they are qualified music teachers, please inquire as to where they obtained their qualifications. If you were building a new home, I am sure you would not employ a person who has only completed Year 12 woodwork to be in charge.

    Music lessons are not cheap and I believe that for the money you pay, you should want the very best for your child.

    It is also extremely important that if your child chooses music as a subject in Years 9, 10 & VCE, that they are heading in the right direction with their technique, theory, performance skills and ability to read music.

    In VCE music, performance is allocated 50 percent of the final study score. Students must prepare many scales and exercises for the two technical sacs. It is essential that their instrumental music teacher is preparing them well for these important sacs .

    There are many fabulous performing arts teachers at our college and  in the Geelong area. Please consider them in your choice of teacher.


    Instrumental Music Lessons.

    Instrumental music lessons are well underway and students are busy rehearsing for the approaching concerts. The college ensembles are rehearsing each week and new members are most welcome.  Any student interested in joining an ensemble may come and see me in the performing arts office.

    Students wishing to learn an instrument may obtain an instrumental form from the Performing Arts office.  


    Coming Performances

    Vocal Night:  Monday May 7th, 7pm – Potato Shed.

    Senior Citizens Concert: Tuesday May 8th, 10.30am – Potato Shed

    Looking forward to seeing you all at our coming performances.

    Yours musically,

     Mrs Linda Pape Performance & Instrumental Coordinator


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