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    Canteen Roster

    Canteen Roster

    A PDF of our Canteen Price List can be downloaded here

    2019 Canteen Price List 2019 Canteen Price List (164 KB)


    Starting August 5th

    Monday 5th 

    B. Brinfield, E. Carpenter, L. Hamilton, Needed

    Tuesday 6th

    S. Easton, L. Tigani, M. Jackson, R. Harris 

    Wednesday 7th

    D. Worrall, L. Vella, Needed, Needed

    Thursday 8th

    L. Eastwood, C. Swinton, Needed, Needed

    Friday 9th

    T. Dowd-Hamilton, S. McKay, Needed, Needed


    Starting August 12th

    Monday 12th 

    E. Musella, T. McMurray, Needed, Needed

    Tuesday 13th

    M. Dunstan, S. Crawley, C. Duncan, Needed

    Wednesday 14th

    K. James, S. Peters, C. Whitworth, L. Vella

    Thursday 15th

    M. White, N. Lowther, L. Eastwood, Needed

    Friday 16th

    J. Rogers, Needed, Needed, Needed


    If unable to attend, please make sure you get a replacement.

    Sandra Woodall  Tel: 0417 050 258

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