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    'Cardoner Project' Immersion Trip

    'Cardoner Project' Immersion Trip

    Molly Cross, Year 12 student, with the support and encouragement of Ms. Alicia Deak, Ignatian Coordinator & Social Justice Coordinator and Mrs. Anna Oliver, VCE Coordinator & PE Coordinator, will be our first ever student to go on a ‘Cardoner Project’ Immersion Trip.

    The Cardoner Project is a not-for-profit, student-focused hub for volunteering, founded in 2010 by Jesuit priest, Fr David Braithwaite SJ.

    Its mission: To deepen the human, spiritual and intellectual formation of young adults, grounding them in a love of the poor in the service of the Church.

    Next year Molly will be participating in two immersions to Guatemala and Belize for a total of five weeks with other young graduates from Jesuit and Ignatian schools around Australia.

    These immersions are organised and run by "The Two Wolves Abroad", an initiative of the Cardoner Project. The Cardoner Project is a Jesuit young-adult ministry and not-for-profit student-focused hub for volunteering. It was established in 2010 with the mission to deepen the human, spiritual and intellectual formation of young adults, grounding them in love of the poor in the service of the Church.

    Fr David Braithwaite SJ, CEO of The Cardoner Project notes that "By providing transformative experiences of service, we are creating Australia's next generation of leaders as companions, faithful and dedicated members of society".

    This will be an extraordinary experience for Molly to engage with other young men and women formed in the Jesuit model of loving service for poor and most vulnerable and continue her formation in this tradition. Molly will be the first graduate of Saint Ignatius College to participate in the Cardoner Project and we hope that she will inspire other Saint Ignatius students to consider dedicating their time and efforts to a similar formative overseas experience with "The Two Wolves Abroad".

    More info. on The Cardoner Project (a Jesuit organisation) can be found at:

    Molly has set up a go fund me page to help raise some money for the trip.  Some may like the opportunity to support her. The link is:

    Pictured with Molly is Ms. Alica Deak and Isaac Demas SJ who visted our College recently.

    Isaac Demase SJ was born in Maryborough, Queensland, and grew up in Lemnos in Victoria. He lived both at St Mary’s and Newman College in Melbourne as a university student. He trained as a school teacher and worked at the FCJ College in Benalla, Victoria before joining the Jesuits. Isaac took First Vows at the beginning of the year and is currently studying Philosophy at the University of Divinity. He visited Saint Ignatius College Geelong on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th July and spoke to the Year 8 students about the Jesuits, the role of Jesuit Mission and his time in East Timor.

    Ms. Alica Deak  Ignatian Coordinator & Social Justice Coordinator.


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