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    Debating Report

    Article by Ms Andrea Dart


    Debating Report – August 1, 2018

    Round 4 of the Debaters’ Association of Victoria’s (DAV’s) competition for schools in the Geelong Region was held on Monday 23rd July. Once again, Geelong Grammar hosted the evening’s program of fixtures.

    SICG was strongly represented in the D Grade competition by Year 8 students Adisa Fabiano, Luca Martino, and Emily O’Kane. They took the affirmative position against the team from Clonard College, with the topic being: “That employers should adopt a four-day working week.” Students worked steadily on their preparation in the weeks leading up to the debate and explored many facets of the topic whilst conducting their research. Although Clonard scored the points on this occasion, our students spoke very well and special congratulations are extended to Luca Martino for a great performance in his first formal debate. I am very grateful to Ms Brooke O’Brien for her continued support of these students. Debaters from Years 7 to 9 are currently preparing for their final fixture on the topic “That we should impose mandatory minimum sentences for all violent crimes.”

    In the A Grade program, our team was given just one hour to prepare their case in a secret topic debate against Geelong Grammar. The secret topic format is always a challenging experience, as students cannot access any digital devices for the hour and they cannot be assisted or coached by teachers. Students developed some good arguments against the proposal “That we should privatize the ABC.” Anthony Zanghi (Year 11) opened our case with some sound points in a clearly structured speech. Leah Maffescioni (Year 11) continued our case and presented some solid rebuttal. Kyle Wig (Year 12) spoke exceptionally well, delivering a comprehensive rebuttal to conclude, and was deservedly named best speaker for the debate. Our students can be proud of their efforts despite a very narrow loss. The team’s final fixture will also be a secret topic debate.

    The DAV’s Junior Secondary Program commences in September. Students who have registered for this program will have their first lunchtime meeting here at school on Monday 3rd September, with their formal training night on Thursday 20th September, at 7:00 pm, at Clonard College. Participants will receive further information over the next few weeks.

    Ms Andrea Dart  Debating Co-ordinator






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