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    'CLOGS' Fundraiser

    CLOGS Fundraiser for the “Cottage by the Sea”.

    Music, dancing and fancy dress. These are the fundamentals of a good night out. What’s better than having a good night than knowing that all the money raised is going to a great cause. 

    On Thursday the 27th of June, the four Geelong Catholic Colleges, Saint Ignatius, St. Joseph’s, Clonard and Sacred Heart came together to raise money for the “Cottage by the Sea”, Queensliff. The event was organised by the Catholic Leaders of Geelong (CLOGS), the senior student leaders from these Schools, with the aim to fundraise for a worthy cause while providing students an opportunity to enjoy an evening with students going through the same Year 12 often-demanding experience.

    Held at the Croatian Community Centre, the fund-raising event, the Winter Ball, brought the four Geelong Catholic Colleges together in celebration of their final year.

    “Cottage by The Sea”, a not-for-profit organisation in Queenscliff, is an Australian children’s charity helping disadvantaged children with no government support. Founded in 1890 in Queenscliff as the “Ministering Children’s League” by Annie Hitchcock and Elizabeth Calder, the vision has always been that every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. 

    “We aim to empower young people by providing them with inspiration, fun and opportunity through our four tailored programs. Everything we do at the Cottage reflects Our Values: Respect, Adventure, Integrity, Belonging and Community.

    We have just under 1,500 kids attending each year, it is a big task running the charity.”

    The CLOGS group met recently at Saint Ignatius College and were delighted to present a very healthy cheque of the grand total of $9804, the profit from the “Year 12 Winter Charity Ball”, which was most gratefully received by the Community Engagement and Relationships Manager, Mr. Bill Kerr.   

    A universal message held between all for schools is service of others, especially to those in need and we hope that our donation will serve to help better the lives of children in need.

    Heidi Bakker and William Palmer  Saint Ignatius College Geelong Co-Vice Captains  

    Pictures are student leaders from Saint Ignatius, Clonard, St. Jospeh’s and Sacred Heart at the morning tea presentation to the  Community Engagement and Relationships Manager at the “Cottage By the Sea”, Mr. Bill Kerr.   

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