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    "Cheap Thrills"

    Article by Mr Brendan O'Brien

    Brainstorm Productions: "Cheap Thrills"

    Year 10 students attended Brainstorm productions "Cheap Thrills" recently. This fast-paced, one-man show is about that split second when we reach a crossroad, then make a choice, take a risk and possibly change our lives forever. It looks at the potential impact of our choices on wellbeing and mental health.  The play was well received as evidenced by the involvement in the final question and answer section.

    Students are also doing some follow up discussions in Year 10 Ignatian learning.

    Mr. Brendan O’Brien  Year 10 Coordinator.

    2019 Brainstorm Production- from the students:

    On Friday the 9th of August, Year 10 had the privilege of viewing a Brainstorm Production titled "Cheap Thrills"

    It was a production based around the idea of one’s decisions impacting many different aspects of their life. The show was minimalistic and used simple ways to convey a message that the audience could relate to. The hard-hitting theme surrounding substance abuse encouraged the audience to envision what could happen to them if they followed these ideas. 

    "Cheap Thrills" educated us as individuals in our choice - making and how these can have an influence on our mental health and wellbeing. 

    Dana Campbell, Kaitlyn Eastwood and Olivia Stephens  Year 10

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