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    'Mindfulness Through Movement'

    Article by Olivia Whitehead

    ‘Mindfulness Through Movement’

    On Wednesday 7th August, our Year 8 students participated in a workshop called ‘Mindfulness Through Movement’, facilitated by Jem Fuller and Mitch Barrow.

    The students used movement to engage their senses, discover the power of the breath, and assist in emotional regulation. Students gained skills in calming the mind and being in the moment to improve their overall wellbeing and engagement. The program gave them practical techniques of gaining mindfulness, as well as some informative facts on the benefits of mindfulness. 

    Some of the key messages the students walked away with included:

    • Being present, paying attention and really listening when someone's talking or completing a task is important

    • Taking just 60 seconds of your time to slow the breath can enhance your wellbeing and concentration, leading to greater success

    • Try slowing the breath while at rest to belly breathe to help to calm the mind and the body 

    • You are in control of your ability to cope with life through observing your thoughts

    • Observe your senses to remain in the present

    • It takes practice (mind training) but it gets easier over time

    Thank you Jem and Mitch for engaging our students in your wonderful program.

    Olivia Whitehead  Student Wellbeing Coordinator 

    Also in this Edition