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    Australian Geography Competition

    Article by Mrs Deanne Allen-Emery

    Australian Geography Competition

    In March 2019, 73 students from Yr 7 and 8 competed in the Australian Geography Competition. This competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and reward student excellence. We have a number of students who have performed to a very high level in the Competition this year, gaining high distinction, distinction and credit.  They include:

    Year 7 – High Distinction

    Max Craven (7Licona)

    Jack Dries (7Licona)

    Daniel Fragapane (7Coudere)

    Jack Pummeroy (7Lewis)

    William Towart (7Borgia)


    Year 7 – Distinction

    Alex Batchelor (7Borgia)

    Chelsea Ferguson (7Miki)

    William Handley (7Claver)

    William Honner (7Ricci)


    Year 7 – Credit

    Grace Aspinall Kline (7Carroll)

    Lucas Cumming (7Lewis)

    Maya Eastwood (7Carroll)

    Zane Kneebone (7Coudere)

    Curtis McCoughtry (7Licona)

    Keanu Van Zyl (7Miki)

    Alanah Webb (7Licona)

    Dante Nicholls (7Ward)


    Year 8 - High Distinction

    Amy Thompson (8Campion)

    Jack Engler (8Owen)

    Tylah Foley (8Monserrat)

    Om Patil (8Realino)

    Matilda Stepto (8Owen)


    Year 8 – Distinction

    Ari Gillies (8Castillo)

    Zarah Howell (8Chardin)

    Murphy Moulton (8Campion)

    Mika Derrick (8Rubio)

    Lachlan Di Pasquale (8Xavier)

    Emma Fenton (8Realino)

    Riley Hanrahan (8Owen)

    Keira Murray (8Owen)

    Tiahni Paseuthusak (8Monserrat)

    Jasmine Perilli (8Rubio)


    Year 8 – Credit

    Jet Lamperd (8Castillo)

    Kane Philp (8Chardin)

    Archie Tiernan (8Chardin)

    Ella Beasley (8Xavier)

    Grace Binion (8Xavier)

    Fergus Cotter (8 Realino)

    All students will receive their certificates via Homeroom in the next few days. We congratulate all students who participated and look forward to the next Geography competition in 2020.

    Deanne Allen-Emery  Humanities Learning Area Leader


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