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    Article by Nicholas Shakespeare

    Pathways: A VCAL student’s Perspective

    In Year 11 I originally started in the VCE program. I found myself really stressing out about all of the sacs and exams that I needed to do. I was not being myself and I needed to get out. After the first semester of Year 11 VCE I transferred into the VCAL program. I was lucky to be able to do so, and that was because I was enrolled in VET Building and Construction at the College.

    In VCAL I found that I was learning a lot of hands on things that have helped me in the building and construction industry, which is what I am wanting to do. I hope to become a carpenter, maybe running my own building company down the track.

    In the second semester of Year 11, we had to find a work placement (SWL) as a part of our course. My SWL was a great experience for me. I worked with a terrific employer and learnt a lot about the trade. I even picked up extra days of work with him! 

    Stepping from Year 11 to Year 12, I was fortunate enough to gain a School Based Apprenticeship (SBA). A SBA is where you complete ¾ of the first year apprenticeship while completing your studies at school. So essentially I go to school 4 and a half days of school (I have VET on Wednesdays at 1:30 which finishes at 6:00) and I work on the job on Friday. 

    I am almost at the end of my studies and I have learned a lot more information about real life skills than I would’ve in VCE. I have also learned a lot about my industry of building and construction and I am still happy to work in the industry and hopefully make a career out of it.

    Nicholas Shakespeare 12 Barry

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