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    'Time & Space' Evenings

    Article by Ms Tory Wood

    We are delighted to present the 2018 'Time & Space' Evenings for Fathers


    These innovative single evening programs are part of some special transition events that we offer our Year 7 and 8 students and they are happening here in our school community during the last weeks of August.

    The programs have a whole range of memorable moments that include carefully guided interactions with other fathers and students. Fathers will emerge from the night reassured and impressed by the way our students are able to speak up and share insights about their lives. And be assured that the night is fun too… full of activities and conversations that will make us smile.


    'Time & Space' for ‘Stepping Up’

    Media attention often feasts on the reality that some famous sportsmen and celebrities fall short of being good ‘role-models’ to our boys… but we are confident that the best role-models are much closer to home.

    ‘Stepping Up’ taps the very best resources in our own school community… the dads (or grandfathers, older brothers or uncles) of our boys. Be part of this innovative single evening program that gives a signpost to each boy about the best ways he can ‘step up’ to be a good man.

    Year 8 Fathers and Sons Evening

    Tuesday 21 August 2018

    To register please: Visit the link

    Or get the registration link emailed to you:



    'Time & Space' for ‘Fathers and Daughters’

    She is growing up and the opportunity to reflect on the joys and challenges of this time in your life and her life, is one not to be missed.

    This is a special night for the girls as they witness the fathers discussing the importance of their role.

    We think that the girls seeing and being part of a gathering of fathers and mentors with this good intent, helps them to build their profile of a good man. This is a great night for seeing how you handle the ‘letting go’ process as they start to forge some independence.

    Year 7 Fathers and Daughters Evening

    Thursday 23 August 2018

    To register please: Visit the link

    Or get the registration link emailed to you:


    See the flyer for more details:

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