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    Education Perfect English World Championships

    Article by Ms Gemma Etherington

    Education Perfect English World Championships

    Congratulations to all students from years 7-9 who participated in this years’ Education Perfect English World Championships from July 25th to August 1st. This competition run through the Education Perfect company, sees students from across the globe compete in English Literacy Skills challenges in an attempt to win prizes, out-perform other competing schools and of course, gain invaluable extra practice and development of personal literacy skills. Many of our students participated in this event during school hours and at home resulting in great success for individuals and the college.

    Education Perfect World Championship Results

    10th Overall Globally out of 1,327 schools

    6th Overall in Australia out of 938 schools

    1st Overall in Victoria out of 246 schools

    Well done to all students who participated in this exciting competition! It is the individual commitment and enthusiasm that you demonstrated which are the vital skills for success in the future.

    Special mention goes to the following students who reached higher “Award” levels.


    Student   World Ranking Points Award Level
    Janelle Nichols 330th 5,720 Emerald
    Charlie Smale 331st 5,716 Emerald
    Tess Craven 380th 5,272 Emerald
    Riley Theilemann 387th 5,210 Emerald
    Emily Allan 435th 5,053 Emerald
    Olivia Graham 567th 4,004 Gold
    Kiara Troop 604th 3,679 Gold
    Tyson Garner 652nd 3,411 Gold
    Claudia Spaleta 776th 3,077 Gold
    Jasmine Perilli 854th 3,022 Gold
    Abbey Page 897th 3,008 Gold
    Florence Noble 923rd 3,002 Gold
    Zoe Ballard 966th 2,835 Silver
    Brodie Lawrence 1003rd 2,626 Silver
    Claire Smeaton 1009th 2,602 Silver
    Rory Quinn 1123rd 2,254 Silver
    Cooper Hayes 1413th 1,814 Bronze
    Kaylie Webb 1431st 1,777 Bronze
    Eve Wells 1467th 1,686 Bronze
    Hunter Benness 1545th 1,555 Bronze
    Wen-Chun Lu 1695th 1,376 Bronze
    Jett Willey 1714th 1,358 Bronze
    Summer Benness 1786th 1,304 Bronze
    Mackenzie Pigott 1850th 1,253 Bronze
    Kaylie Brew 1863rd 1,244 Bronze
    Elly Davis 1874th 1,232 Bronze
    Jonah Spilsbury 1900th 1,210 Bronze
    Sarah McCosker 1910th 1,205 Bronze
    Bailey White 1940th 1,187 Bronze
    Ned Poynder 1991st 1,154 Bronze
    Emily Seear 1994th 1,153 Bronze
    Oceania Cook 2029th 1,133 Bronze
    Angus McWaters 2035th 1,128 Bronze
    Isabelle Nott 2178th 1,062 Bronze
    Sammi Markovic 2356th 1,012 Bronze
    Demi Lollis 2380th 1,008 Bronze
    Mackenzie Grieve 2393rd 1,006 Bronze
    Drew Honey 2455th 1,000 Bronze
    Alexander Cumming 2463rd 1,000 Bronze
    Jack James 2469th 1,000 Bronze
    Daniel McInerney Sotomayor 2473rd 1,000 Bronze



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