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    Geelong Mums Collection

    Article by Zoe Walter and Bridget Keating

    Geelong Mums Collection

    The Geelong Mums are a very important local organisation that provides the essentials to families with kids that can’t afford basic items or families in crisis care. Geelong Mums are run by volunteers in South Geelong. 

    You can donate all sorts of baby and young child items of clothing, toys, cribs, prams and many more. You can also donate money which will help amazingly too. The original was St Kilda mums and then they started Geelong mums to give much-needed help to Geelong families. 

    What we are doing in Year 7 and 8, is raising donations for the Geelong Mums. The whole school is invited to send items to the Xavier Centre.

    You can help by donating goods to your homeroom that will be collected at the end of the term. At the start of next term, the Year 7 and 8 Homeroom teachers will take the goods to Geelong and spend some time volunteering by sorting and organising our donations for distribution to families in need. 

    We would love to see everyone donating something to help out these amazing people and these amazing families! 

    You can donate small items such as bibs, baby pants, small toys, and many more to your homeroom teacher and bigger items you can donate to Geelong mums directly at 110 Balliang Street, South Geelong or go on their website and donate too. 

    For a list of items they will accept, look on the Geelong Mums website.

    Thank you

    Zoe Walter and Bridget Keating  Year 7 and 8 SRC Representatives

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