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    ILC Happenings

    Article by Mrs Leonie Stephenson

    ILC Happenings

    Book Week 2018 brought back the 50 word story competition.  It was a very hard fought competition with many creative and interesting stories.  A big thank you to the Judging panel of Mr Michael Timms, Ms Gemma Etherington and Bu Julia Hall.  Here are the winning entries

    1st - Sarah McCosker - 7 Carroll


    Calm.  That’s all I felt, with the waves crashing over tumbling over onto the one in front.  The fine sand clutching onto my feet leaving me with shoes made of sand, screeching and croaking of the seagulls scavenging around where the sea foam meets the concrete like sand.  The smell of the salty light breeze every afternoon is my treasure


    2nd - Claire Smeaton - 7 Carroll

    The Lost Treasure

    The signs on the pole indicated everything, my treasure was lost. I didn’t know where, no one knew where. It had already been 24 hours and counting. The night got darker and colder. I started to worry even more but one bark made all that worry drain out of me, he was home


    3rd Lennon Gangoso - 9 Regis

    Late Arrival

     I’ve waited at the airport for three hours. She’s not coming is she; everyone else has already found each other. Is she lost or got sent back; I started to feel melancholic and lonely. But then somebody called my name, I turned around and she’s finally here. My beloved mother!


    Brought the LOL’s 

    1st - Maddie Crothers – 11 Juana

    Hours, searching, longing needing a miracle. Sand under my nails. I dig, craving the ultimate dream. Ouch… splinter. A crate. A crate of secrets. 

    I open the crate. Blinded. Joy, shock, surprise. No, blinded by a gold shimmer. Yeet. What I’ve been waiting for. I is now a swashbuckler. 

    2nd - Jack Allison - 7 Coudere

    Captain Duct-tape jumped up onto the big wooden box lying on the deck. “(In Scottish accent) FOR TOO LONG! WE HAVE BEEN UNDERESTIMATED BY THE REPUBLIC AND BULLIED BY OUR FELLOW VIKINGS, WE WILL FIND THIS TRESURE!” (in small voice) “Oi captain I found it” said henchman “Blimey!” exclaimed captain




    1st - MJ Viljoen

    Chuckling tiny little chubby cheeks, 

    nose to my nose and ‘round the garden in your palm.

    Warm shape that somehow spoons my side;

    no more tears when the darkness weighs.

    Fingers that trace down my face;

    skin of my skin, I know you my dear.

    I made you from scratch


    2nd - Tony Berryman-Long


    Stygian wrapped night descends. Seized by terrible forces swept along at ever mounting speed towards the abyss. Once begun the presence of that evil marshalling to its own pattern somehow rid of human direction bled white. Pledged to continuance regardless of cost its own impetus perpetual and seemingly infinite.


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