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    Mosaic 2019

    Article by Mrs Claire Hewitt

    Mosaic 2019

    Mosaic is a celebration, held annually with our families and guests from our wider community, in November at Costa Hall, and recognises our participation, hard work and achievements during the year at Saint Ignatius College.

    At our recent Mosaic 2019, the outer foyer displays continued to be of great interest with numerous displays, presentations and performances which “spilled" over in all directions taking up almost the entire outer foyer floor space. dynamic and engaging. We were very proud of our students-stationed at foyer displays and speaking with families, for their work displayed and foyer entertainment, and in the auditorium addressing the audience, receiving awards and fully immersing themselves in musical performances. 

    Families and other guests continued to enjoy the showcase moving from the foyer into the auditorium to be entertained with the “Prelude" of music from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Combed band, followed by a welcome to Mosaic - in the auditorium - from Mr. Paul Lewis, MC, and with an onstage prance-about by our College mascot Iggy.

    The opening prayer was read by our Liturgy Captains 2020 and was followed by a beautiful ‘Prayer in Song’. Two most engaging videos of the year's events and activities delighted us all: “2019 The Year That Was” produced by Michael Tod and the Sports video by Andrew Philp

    There was a variety of stellar performances which included a medley of songs from our recent, highly successful College Production, " School of Rock”.

    Students received their awards, including those from our wider community, in a dignified, proud and grateful manner. We heard from many including our Principal, Michael Exton, and Fr. James Puppady, Head of the College’s Canonical Administrators and St. Patrick’s Old Collegians Association Alumni award winner Molly Cross, Class of 2018, who, earlier this year, undertook a Jesuit Cardoner Project immersion and community service in Central America.

    Sponsorships and goods were kindly provided from the wider community for our awards for which we are most grateful.

    Guests included our College families, representatives from our Board, the College’s Parents and Friends' Association, former staff, alumni, representatives from community service clubs, St Patricks Old Collegians Association and Deakin University. 

    Congratulations and many thanks to everyone for making such an impressive and memorable night.

    Claire Hewitt  Mosaic Coordinator

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