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    Parents and Friends' Association

    Parents and Friends' Association News

    Annual Parents and Friends' Association College Fee Raffle

    1st Prize: Saint Ignatius College School Fees for 2020

    2nd Prize: Campion Voucher $200

    3rd and 4th Prize: Noone Uniform Supplier Voucher ($100 each)


    Large Oxford Dictionary (from Campion)

    4 x $25 Secondhand Uniform Shop Vouchers

    10 x $5.00 Canteen School Vouchers

    Tickets are $25.00 each and can be purchased via trybooking using this link:

    The Raffle is drawn on Year 7 Orientation Day  Tuesday December 10th at 2.45pm

    Ticket sales close Friday December 6, 2019


    Parents and Friends' Association Next Meeting 2020

    Please come and join us on Tuesday February 11th at 7.00pm in the Food Tech Rooms.

    We look forward to seeing you there. New members very welcome. Email your details to us at: 

    Even if you can’t make it regularly to the monthly meetings, but you might be able to be on call to help at the different things we are involved in throughout the year, please get in touch with us.


    Become part of the Parents and Friends’ Association

    We invite you to join the Saint Ignatius College Parents and Friends' Association - whether it be attending our monthly meetings, helping out at fundraising events , you can receive some up to date information on events coming up at and around the College by emailing your details to


    The Uniform Shop

    Extra! Extra! Special Uniform Shop Openings:

    Tuesday December 10th 2019 – Year 7 Orientation Day from 2.00pm – 4.00pm

    Thursday January 23rd 2020 – Book Pick-up Day from 9.00am – 2.00pm

    Uniform Drop Off

    If you have any second hand uniform items you wish to drop in to the Uniform Shop you can do it on the 2 days listed above. Please be sure to have the items cleaned and pressed, or dry-cleaned.

    Please be aware that uniform items need to be current. For example, the old tracksuit styles & sport shirts will not be accepted for sale as they are not a part of the current school uniform.

    Open Dates for Term 1, 2020 will be provided in the new year.

    We are always seeking Volunteers to help in the uniform shop. If you are available and have time to help out Please email Samantha (Sam) Wells Training is provided. 


    Yes! We are selling the Entertainment Book – (2019/2020)

    You can still purchase your copy! Please help support Saint Ignatius College by purchasing an Entertainment.

    Books are for sale at the College Office or you can email Sandi Clark


    Message from the President of the Parent and Friends' Association

    Over the years we have been able to support the College through our fundraising and have purchased a variety of items to help in the development of different Departments.2019 was a very generous year of giving back to our College community. The P&F team have been brilliant in consolidating time and effort to allow this to happen. 

    Thank you to each and every member of the PFA, and to parents who have raised their hand to our cry for help. We appreciate any and all help you were able to offer, and hope to continue this great relationship.

    Thank you to the College staff – especially our Principal Mr Michael Exton and Deputy’s Mrs Annette Chidzey, Mr Michael Timms and Mr Paul Lewis. We appreciate your input and presence at our meetings, and are always pleased to have your input, support and encouragement.

    There will be a shuffling and change to roles and position within the Association for 2020. Cathy Dykes (Secretary), Sandi Clark (Treasurer) and Sam Wells (Uniform Shop co-ordinator) and I have had to step down from our roles due to work and family commitments. We will still be involved with the PFA, but not in the leadership roles.

    We welcome Peter McInerney to the position of Treasurer. Peter is new to the College, and we thank him for putting forth his nomination, and accepting the position. We feel he will be a great addition to the team. Thank you to Bernard Lewis (long time member) for joining the College Board as our PFA representative. Already Bernard has proven to be right for the job. We are so pleased he could add this to his schedule, and we look forward to his informative reports at our meetings. Sandi Clark has generously offered to be Uniform Shop coordinator for 2020.

    Sadly no one has come forth with nominations for the position of President and Secretary. Cathy and I have opted to remain in our roles until February 2020 so that the Association can function as per our PFA constitution.  We would like to invite you to consider nominating for either of these roles.

    Email: if you require more information, would like to register your interest, or need a nomination form.

    Being President has been a great experience for me. I joined the PFA after a couple of years doing Canteen duty. I wanted to be more involved, informed and aware of things happening in the College. I wanted to connect with a few more parents within the school. I was looking for a feeling of belonging. I accepted the position 2 years ago as a shy parent with what I felt was a little voice. 

    The friendships I have developed with fellow members and also the College staff have been wonderful. I feel I have grown in confidence and feelings of self worth. 

    My opinion and the opinion of all PFA is regarded highly, and we are treated with respect. I am a better person for giving it a go. I thank the PFA and the College for this opportunity.

    On behalf of all my friends on the PFA we wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy every second of your precious family time, and feel the joy and love this season brings. Stay safe in your travels and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

    Thank you for all your support.


    Rebecca Hay  (Current) PFA President

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