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    Our 2019 High Achievers

    Article by Mr Michael Brown

    Our High Achievers for 2019

    Saint Ignatius College Year 12 VCE Results.

    We congratulate our VCE Unit 3 and 4 students on their hard work and achievements during this year.

    Our top VCE ATAR scores where:

    Ruby Mangelsdorf (College Dux 2019) 99.2
    Sophie Skuza 98.7
    Miranda Friee 94.65
    Rachelle Spadoni 94.25
    Chandler McEwen 93.8
    Jack Brassington 92.3
    Emily Gordon 92.1
    Erin Skene 90.95
    Natalia Wilcox 90.85
    Montana Holdsworth 90.15

    Our top VCE subject scores over 40 where:

    Ruby Mangelsdorf: Psychology 50, Food Studies 50 and HHD 49
    Sophie Skuza: Chemistry 50, Biology 44 and Maths methods 40
    Matthew McInerney: Further Maths 49
    Chandler McEwen: Psychology 49 and Physical Education 42
    Emily Gordon: Laboratory Skills (VET) 48 and Further Maths 41
    Matilda Crosgrove: Psychology 47 and Further Maths 41
    Thomas Smith: Further Maths 46
    Miranda Friee: Media 46, Religion & Society 43 and Psychology 42
    Sophie Milsome: Further Maths 45
    Amelia Maheras: Biology 44
    Zoe Kontogeorgis: PDT Wood 43 and HHD 41
    Lily Foster: HHD 43 and Psychology 42
    Bailey Payne: Legal Studies 43
    Darby O'Meara:  Further Maths 43
    Livia Van Galen: Studio Arts 43
    Rachelle Spadoni: PDT Wood 42 and Food Studies 42
    Georgina Coutts: HDD 42 and Psychology 40
    Luke Lawson: Further Maths 42
    Montana Holdsworth: Psychology 42 and Religion & Society 40
    Katherine Cooke: Biology 42
    Kysan Notting: PDT Wood 41
    Madeleine Crothers: Legal Studies 41
    Nicolas Ash: Outdoor & Environment 41
    Sean Neylan: Psychology 41
    Jack Brassington: Psychology 41
    Georgina Corder: Business Management 40
    James Reilly: PDT Wood 40
    Kayla Anderson-Baker: HHD 40
    Chelsea Jones: Legal Studies 40
    Jonathan Peck: Further Maths 40
    Samuel Rees: Further Maths 40
    Gemma Bell: Media 40
    Ella Bambrook: Studio Arts

    A number of our high achievers were able to be contacted yesterday morning and visited the College and are pictured here being congratulated by the Principal, Mr. Michael Exton. A number of others couldn’t make it - many are enjoying holidays around the country or overseas!

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