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    Congratulations to our VCE students

    Article by Mrs Anna Oliver

    Congratulations to our VCE students

    Congratulations to all Year 12 students on their successful completion of secondary schooling. The Saint Ignatius VCE students received their study scores and ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) on Friday December 14th, 2018. 16 students received an ATAR over 90, which places the academic achievements in the top 10% of students in Australia. Sophie Skuza (current year 11 student) achieved the highest study score, 49 (out of a possible 50) in Units 3 & 4 Psychology, which is an exceptional achievement for an acceleration student.

    The College ATAR DUX was received by Callum McWater with a score of 97.5. Callum is hoping to study Biomedicine in 2019. Callum has been an extremely dedicated student for all his years at Saint Ignatius and has received academic awards at the College Mosaic evening each year.

    Dominic Randall achieved an ATAR of 96.15 and he is hoping to gain entry into the Global science and technology program in 2019. Dominic participated in the College LEAP program in 2018 and he also help out his friends playing guitar for their Music Performance examination.

    Chloe Hayes achieved an ATAR of 96.05 and has applied to study Occupational Therapy in 2019.  She is an extremely hard working student and this year was no different in the time and effort she dedicated to her studies.

    Mackinley Collins achieved an ATAR of 95.7 and after deciding mid-year that biomedicine wasn’t her future pathway, she has applied to study electrical and electronics engineering at university.

    Lara Barnes achieved an ATAR of 94.8 and she wrote the following after receiving her results: 

    Throughout year 12 I learnt how to find a manageable balance between work, social and school life. I thankfully discovered I didn’t have to sacrifice enjoying extra curricular activities to be able to put in the time and effort needed to my schooling.  My favourite subjects were biology, english and physical education and it is largely due to the amazing teachers that I was able to actually enjoy school and achieve results that I was proud of at the end of the year, as they provided ongoing support and encouragement.”

    The Waring twins studied different subjects in 2018 and according to mum, Tracey, were super competitive all year. Matson achieved an ATAR of 92.65 and Bridget achieved an ATAR of 90.3. Both Matson and Bridget have applied to go to university in 2019, Bridget is hoping to gain entry into a Psychological Science degree whilst Matson is hoping to completed a double degree in Engineering and Commerce.

    Ronan Healy (ATAR 91.4) and Matthew Clark (ATAR 91.25) both hope to gain a place into engineering degrees in 2019. Matthew is hoping to have a focus on environmental engineering whereas Ronan is aiming for a double degree with Science.

    Madison Smith (ATAR 93.2) and Rachel Deane Teggelove (ATAR 91) are hoping to study Biomedicine and Optometry respectively.

    Annabel Hooper (ATAR 90.25) and Keira Ford (ATAR 90.7) have applied to study International studies and Laws/ Global Studies respectively in 2018. Both girls studies a language in 2018 which should aid them in their future studies. 

    Leah Bensted achieved an ATAR of 90.6 and is hoping to study Teacher education – primary in 2019. She wrote the reflection below on her final year at Saint Ignatius College:

    “I was so excited to find out my ATAR! I could not believe I had done so well! 

    I really enjoyed year twelve, particularly Indonesian and Theatre Studies, however all my subjects were brilliant. I want to say thank you to all my subject teachers, and also to Mrs. Oliver and Mr. McLean for all your support. I could not have gotten through the year without you guys!

    Next year I am hoping to study Primary Education at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, and I am really looking forward to it!”

    Congratulations to all VCE students on their year of study at Saint Ignatius College.

    Merry Christmas

    Mrs Anna Oliver  VCE Coordinator

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