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    From the Deputy Principal

    Article by Mr Michael Timms, Deputy Principal [Students]

    From the Deputy Principal

    I would like to formally welcome back all families to Saint Ignatius College and offer a special welcome to the new families. I trust that you have shared some valuable time together and that your sons and daughters are well rested and have settled back into the school year successfully.

    The beginning of the school year is always a busy time with numerous College events. These events provide a great opportunity to celebrate student achievement and to build upon the fantastic culture that exists at Saint Ignatius College. 

    Below is a list of College events for Term 1 for your reference:

    Term 1 Events:

    - Student Photos: 5 February

    - Year 7 Welcome Mass and information evening: 6 February

    - Senior School Expo Evening: 17 February

    - SICG Swimming Carnival:  27 February 

    - SICG Athletics Carnival: 18 March 

    I would encourage all parents/guardians to attend the events relevant to their sons/daughters. I would also like to emphasise the expectation that all students attend College events, such as House Swimming Sports, Athletics etc. This will assist in building a strong and inclusive culture across all areas of our College.

    As we all appreciate, maintaining accurate attendance records is very important for the safety of your daughter/son. If your daughter/son will not be attending school for the day, it is an expectation and a Government requirement that you contact the College and inform the office of the reason for the absence. This can be via email or phoning the College directly on 5251 1136 prior to 10.00am and leaving a message on the automated system. 

    If the parent/guardian does not contact the College, the student will be marked as an Unexplained Absence and the parent/guardian will receive an automated text alerting parents of their son or daughter’s absence for the day. A follow up phone call will also be made by the office administration staff. 

    The College’s Mobile Phone and Electronic Device Policy was altered at the beginning of 2019, and now closely aligns with the Education Departments expectations. This policy was developed to ensure we are continuing to protect the dignity and safety of all our students. I would encourage you to familiarise yourselves with this policy and assist in the implementation by supporting the College and encouraging the appropriate use of mobile phones and electronic devices. 

    Finally, please ensure your daughter/son is adhering to the uniform policy outlined in the planner. It is an expectation all students arrive at school adhering to the College Uniform Policy. This includes the guidelines around jewellery, hairstyles, undergarments and facial hair. Any student who is out of uniform will receive a letter outlining the uniform concern and will need to have this rectified prior to returning. I would also request parents / guardians support the College and ensure their daughter’s / son’s only wear sport uniform on the days they have the specific subject that requires it. 

    I look forward to working with all parents/guardians throughout the year at College events and I am enthusiastic about working with your sons/daughters in further developing them as the ‘women and men for others’ that St Ignatius desired us to become. 

    Kind regards

    Michael Timms  Deputy Principal - Students


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