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    'Day of Hope'

    Article by Ms Kristin Williamson

    'Day of Hope'

    On Tuesday 16th July, all Year 11 students attended a full day workshop titled the ‘Day of Hope”. Students participated fully in embracing the information presented. An outline of the day follows.

    Young people are living and inheriting an increasingly complex world – socially, environmentally and politically. It’s a world that causes many to flounder – drifting away from their true identity, forgetting their purpose, and being blinded by societal pressures and fears.

    The Shift

    Day of Hope provides knowledge and understanding that form the foundation on which students can build a hope filled future. It develops an understanding of the effects that external influences and personal cognitions have on the individual. By encouraging critical thinking, Glen provokes students to counteract negativity and make informed, healthy choices.

    There are three modules in this seminar:

    The Power of Purpose encourages students to consider and take decisive action on who they are, why they are here and where they are going. 

    Jailbreak explores how to change limiting beliefs or paradigms to maximise success for the individual and the team. 

    Unstoppable teaches the power of stretching yourself to be able to be all that you were created to be.

    These sessions provide students with tools and strategies to overcome the times when it seems as though everything is against them, so they can make their dreams a reality.

    Ms Kristin Williamson  Year level Coordinator: Year 11


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