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    JACSA 2019 Timor Leste immersion

    Article by Ms Alicia Deak

    JACSA 2019 Timor Leste Immersion

    Over the recent school holidays students from eight of the Jesuit and Companion schools in Australia participated in the annual two week JACSA Timor Leste Immersion. The students were accompanied by Joshua Allen (Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview), Justine Bell (Loyola College, Watsonia) and Alicia Deak (Saint Ignatius College, Geelong) and visited the Jesuit communities outside of Dili in Kasait and Railaco.

    Saint Ignatius College Geelong supports the works of Jesuit Mission in Timor Leste including the two schools in Kasait and Railaco. This immersion facilitated an opportunity for students from Australia to deepen their understanding of the people of Timor Leste and their history, as well as develop friendships with those communities that we support. The students also gained an appreciation for the Jesuit network that they belong to as well as the gift that Ignatian Spirituality, discernment and reflection is to our daily lives. 

    Hannah Lace and Jessica Breckon represented the College on this immersion and share their experiences below:

    “I am so grateful that our school offers this immersion that is truly a once in a life time opportunity. From the immersion I was able to develop myself as a person by learning from the Timorese. I felt as though I gained so much more from the Timorese than they gained from myself. During the immersion I learned so much more about the Jesuits and the work they do and just how large the Jesuit community truly is and how it is such a connection that brings people, communities and countries close together as one.”

    Hannah Lace  11 Denn

    “I would overall like to thank the school for allowing me to participate in this wonderful opportunity and my time spent in East Timor. I truly met some incredible people and felt as if I immersed myself deeply in the Timorese culture. Experiencing this immersion with students from all over Australia, gave me personally a better outcome, because I felt as if I have made friendships and connections for life. I became truly in touch with my emotions and could not be any more grateful for the journey I was able to be a part of. Thank you to Alicia Deak, Mr Lewis, Mr Exton, the Parents and Friends Association, and all staff for making this immersion possible.”

    Jessica Breckon  11 More

    Students currently in Year 10 will be invited to apply for the 2020 JACSA Timor Leste Immersion in the coming weeks.

    Alicia Deak  Ignatian Coordinator


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