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    From the Principal

    Article by Mr Michael Exton

    From the Principal

    World Challenge Expedition

    Fifty-eight Year 10 and 11 students (divided into four groups) and staff members, Mr Byron Mitchell, Ms Leonie O’Brien, Mr Nathan Patterson, Mr Angelo Scotto and Mr Michael Brown, depart on Saturday for an overseas adventure to spend a month in Northern India. Our school groups will be travelling under the guidance of World Challenge Expeditions who will provide Guides for each group. Accompanying the group will be three past-students of the College who went on a World Challenge expedition during their time at school. The groups fly into and out of Delhi. They will travel in northern India trekking in the Himalayas and travelling in Rajasthan. Their trip will include a service project as follows:

    Team 1 - Jodphur

    The Sambhali Trust is based in the city of Jodhpur in Western Rajasthan. Since its creation in 2007, Sambhali Trust works towards achieving gender equality in India. Team 1 will be based at the Jodhpur Empowerment Centre, where local women are taught literacy and a broad education, as well as crafts & sewing. On site there are facilities for the attending women's children to attend classes.

    Team 2 - Udaipur

    The Girls Senior Secondary School, Tekri is a Community School based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The school has 10 teachers and about 296 children (Boys 31 and Girls 266) studying at the school from 1st class to 12th class. Most of the children coming to the school are from a minority and poor background.

    Team 3 - Manali

    This school is located in a small village just outside of Manali and is run by the local village government. The school has three teachers for about 50 children studying most of whom come from underprivileged families of the local community.

    Team 4 - Manali

    The John Wesley Public School was established to cater to the underprivileged children living in and around the village of Sarsai. There are about 170 children, both boys and girls studying at the school. Most of the children coming to the school are from a minority and poor background.

    On behalf of everyone, I wish the group a very healthy, happy and safe time away.  I look forward to their safe return on July 10th and the many stories they will have about their Indian adventure.

    East Timor Immersion experience

    On Sunday 23rd June, two of our Year 11 students, Jessica Breckon and Hannah Lace and, our Ignatian Coordinator, Ms Alicia Deak will travel to Dili, East Timor with a group of Year 11 students and teachers from Jesuit and Jesuit Companion Schools from across Australia.  This “immersion” experience for the students will involve them visiting the Jesuit school and touring some of the surrounding areas.  They will return early in the second week of the holidays.  I wish them all an enriching and safe experience.

    We look forward to finding out about Hannah and Jessica’s experiences through the newsletter early next term.

    Kokoda trip

    A new initiative this year is the parent – student Kokoda trip, Papua New Guinea. This trip is one of the opportunities we provide as part of the ‘Companions Program’ to support parent – daughter/son relationships.  The inaugural trip departs on June 24th and will return on July 4th 2019.  Teacher, Ms Stacey Learmonth will accompany the group which will be under the guidance of Mick O’Malley’s Australian Kokoda Tour Group.

    I wish all participants a very safe and rewarding experience.

    Congratulations to Sean Neylan (Year 12)

    Congratulations to Year 12 student and pianist, Sean Neylan who was awarded “Runner-up” at the Regional Finals Concert of the Australian Youth Classical Music Competition on Sunday 2nd June.  It is a very high achievement to be selected to participate in this competition organised by the Trustee of the Geelong Advertiser Music Scholarship Trust.  Twelve finalists were competing, and the College congratulates Sean on his award which includes a $1000 prize.  Many of us have watched and listened to Sean playing the piano over the years at many school-related concerts. 

    His performances have been outstanding and a delightful part of each of the programs.  We wish Sean all the best for his future.

    Congratulations to Mitchell Bond (Year 10)

    Congratulations to Mitchell Bond (Year 10 student) who was recently named Junior Sportsperson of the Year at the Victorian Disability Sports and Recreation Awards.  As you are aware, at Saint Ignatius College we encourage leadership development for our students, and it is a credit to Mitchell that his award recognised his leadership and commitment as a member of various wheelchair basketball teams.  Mitchell’s involvements have included the Under 23 Victorian wheelchair basketball squad, South Australian wheelchair basketball team and the Australian wheelchair basketball squad.  We wish Mitchell all the best for his future. An article published in the Geelong Advertiser on May 31st is included in the newsletter.

    Staff news

    Congratulations to teacher Ben Collyer and his wife, Michelle on the arrival of two beautiful little girls, Zoe Jade and Lucy Mae.

    Australian Catholic Youth Festival

    Archbishop Peter Comensoli places a high priority on the formation of our young people.  This is based in part on his experience that events such as the Australian Catholic Youth Festival and World Youth Day provide young people with a living and compelling encounter with the Lord, strongly present amid young Catholics who are committed to their faith.  He has acted on this priority in his desire to take a very large contingent of students across to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in Perth in December.  

    To realise his vision, Archbishop Peter has asked for the support of Catholic secondary schools to organise a group from each school to attend ACYF.  The Archdiocese will generously subsidise half the cost for each student attending.  I hope our College will be able to send a group to Perth.  

    Our RE leader, Mr Brendan Nicholls, is coordinating this trip for us.  Mr Nicholls has commenced promoting this event to our Years 10, 11 and 12 students.  I ask parents to discuss this wonderful opportunity with their daughter/son and encourage her/him to apply if they are interested in and would benefit from participating in what promises to be a tremendous youth faith experience.  

    More details of the ACYF are available at

    Year 10 Work Experience Week

    Best wishes to Year 10 students as they undertake their Work Experience placement in the last week of term.  

    The aims of the program include the following:

    • to build self-confidence and independence by learning to cope with new situations and new people;

    • to learn about the changes taking place in society and the workplace;

    • to learn practically;

    • to explore a variety of career opportunities and decide how these relate to the student’s interests, skills, values and goals; and

    • to prepare students for life after school and provide an insight into the world of work.

    Some Work Experience positions were made available through school; however, students and their families were encouraged to use their initiative to secure a suitable and interesting place themselves.  When I signed the Work Experience forms, it was interesting to see the diverse range of placements that our students have been able to obtain.

    Thank you to Mr Bruce Connor (Work and Further Education Coordinator) for his efforts to coordinate this program and Mr Brendan O’Brien (YLC) for his support in this area and the Year 10 Teachers involved.

    Arrangements for the last day of Term Two

    On the last day of this term, Friday 28th June 2019, the students will be dismissed at 2.20pm due to the special school bus timetable for the afternoon of the last day of term two.  We will run six shortened periods so that all Friday classes will have some time on the day.

    Commencement of Term Three

    Please note that classes for Term Three resume on Tuesday 16th July 2019.  (Year 12 VCE students will complete a mid-year English exam at the College on Monday 15th July between 9 am and 12:15 pm.)  Monday 15th July 2019 will be a Staff professional practice day.

    Best wishes,

    Michael Exton  Principal

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