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    Junior Debating

    Article by Brook O'Brien

    Junior Debating Report:

    Standardised tests such as NAPLAN are used to provide a snapshot of literacy and numeracy standards across the country.  Proponents of the standardised test suggest that a uniform assessment tool is required in order to measure these standards efficiently and effectively, but opponents are concerned that these tests draw focus away from wider learning.

    Our junior debaters including Jett Johnston, Laura McMahon and Laura Maertzdorf debated that standardised testing should not be abolished and argued how Naplan, and other standardised tests, could be better used to benefit students and teachers. Jett Johnston made his debut in debating as first speaker, arguing that standardised testing should be maintained and improved as it is a beneficial tool to improve teaching and learning. Jett also argued that schools should adopt a system where students can track their own growth. 

    Laura McMahon was a passionate second speaker, arguing that standardised testing is important as it allows for transparency in results and makes schools accountable to teach literacy and numeracy. Laura Maertzdorf finished the debate as third speaker with a collected and calm approach finding flaws in the opposing team's arguments. Despite their gallant efforts, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their debate, going down by only a very small margin.

    The last few weeks, the Junior Debaters have also been preparing for the next debate; "That convicted criminals should not be allowed to publish accounts of their crimes".  They have thoroughly enjoyed researching and debating both sides of the topic.  I congratulate all those involved who have given up their time to be a part of the DAV competition.  Please remember, if anyone is interested in joining the debating team to contact Ms Dart or Ms O’Brien

    Brooke O’Brien  Junior Debating Coordinator


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