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    Theatre Studies Workshop

    Article by Rhea Walker

    VCE Thearte Studies Workshop

    On Friday the 31st of May the Melbourne Theatre Company led a workshop for our Unit 1 and 3 VCE Theatre Studies students at The Potato Shed. 

    The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the student’s understanding of the Melbourne Theatre Company’s performance of The Violent Outburst that Drew Me to You in preparation for their Outcome 3 assessment. 

    We were lucky enough to have the director of the show, Prue Clark leading the workshop along with MTC’s Education Coordinator, Nick Tranter who shared their insight and encouraged the students to work alongside the director on the rehearsal room floor in a practical exploration into the theatre styles, character depictions and design elements featured in Tuesday’s matinee performance. 

    Rhea Walker  VCE Theatre Studies Teacher

    Also in this Edition