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    Model UN Conference

    Article by Ms Julia Hall

    Model UN Conference

     On June 4, the Year 12 Indonesian class participated in an Indonesian-language Model UN conference (Simulasi Kontrensi PBB). This year's topic was 'Achieving Gender Equality: Empowering Women & Girls', and our students represented four different countries, negotiating in Indonesian to agree on amendments to a draft resolution.

    Ibu Spica Tutuhatunewa, the Indonesian Consul General for Victoria & Tasmania, opened the Conference Year 12 Indonesian, and afterwards our students had the opportunity to practise their Indonesian with her and find out about life as a diplomat. Throughout the conference, students from across the state presented position statements as to what they believed their respective country would agree or disagree with on a draft resolution. This then led into a moderated and un-moderated caucus session, where students argued for any amendments they wanted to make and tried to win the support of other countries.

     All of this was conducted in Indonesian, and students enjoyed comparing their language skills with students from other schools as well as picking up some tips and tricks to improve even more. The process of finding allies, debating and voting from the perspective of their allocated country was challenging, but very rewarding.

    Ms Julia Hall  Learning Area Leader - Langauges

    Some words from the delegates:

    I really got into negotiating with other delegates.  Keira Ford

    Our country got all our amendments through - Selandia Baru forever!  Brent Keast

    It really put our language skills into perspective.  Debra Lu

    It was a very rewarding experience.   Alexander Henry


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