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    Debating News

    Junior Debating Report

    On Thursday the 13th of June, three students from 8 Montserrat represented the College in the DAV Debating Competition.

    Matthew Brennan, Rydah Schlink and Tiahni Paseuthsak attended Geelong Grammar School to compete. They, unfortunately, didn’t win, but it was extremely close and all of the team members did such an amazing job. It was a first time experience for two of our team. They had a lovely time competing against Geelong High with the topic being ‘That convicted criminals should not be allowed to publish accounts of their crimes.’

    Congratulations to all of our Junior Debaters on a great performance.

    Thank you to all the parents who were able to facilitate the students attending the competition in the evening, and to Ms O’Brien for her help and support with preparing us for this debate.

    Report prepared by Year 8 students.

    Photo in Gallery: From left: Matthew Brennan, Rydah Schlink and Tiahni Paseusthak.


    Senior Debating Report

    On Thursday 13th June after school, myself and 4 other students participated in Round 4 of the DAV’s Senior Debating at Geelong Grammar School, accompanied by Ms Dart. The topic was: 'That we support violent protests' and we were the affirmative team.

    It was a secret debate, meaning we only found out the topic one hour before the debate started. We went into a classroom and had one hour to brainstorm ideas, develop our line of argument and write our speeches. It was the first time any of us had ever participated in a secret debate and we were all pretty nervous. The hour of preparation passed incredibly quickly, but we worked really well as a team to develop strong arguments and rebuttal points in that time frame.

    Noah Gullan (Year 11) strongly opened the debate as our first speaker, arguing that violent protests are necessary to make effective change and gain global attention. Our second speaker was Will Palmer (Year 11) who passionately argued that violent protests are required to gain media attention and raise awareness of inequalities around the world. Madeleine Crothers was our third speaker who provided an excellent rebuttal, lasting for over 6 minutes, and summing up about why we support violent protests. Madeleine should be congratulated as she spoke confidently and was awarded Joint Best Speaker in the debate. Joshua James (Year 11) and I were involved in the development of our team’s arguments during the hour of preparation time, however, we did not speak in the actual debate.

    At the end of the debate the Adjudicator announced that we had defeated our opponents from Geelong High School by 3 points, so we were proud and excited.

    We would like to thank Ms Dart for all her hard work and support with Senior Debating, and encourage anyone who is interested in Debating at SICG to contact Ms Dart!

    Ruby Mangelsdorf (Year 12) Academic Captain

    Photo in Gallery: From left: Noah Gullan (Year 11); Joshua James (Year 11); Madeleine Crothers (Year 12); Ruby Mangelsdorf (Year 12); William Palmer (Year 11).

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