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    VCE Unit 3 PE

    Article by Mr Joe McLean

    VCE Unit 3 Physical Education 

    On Wednesday 19th of June students studying VCE Unit 3 and 4 Physical Education had the opportunity to visit and experience the unique sporting and testing facilities at Exercise Research Australia in Thornbury, Melbourne.

    Exercise Research Australia (ERA) engaged our students for a four-hour period by using an interactive approach based around the curriculum covered in Units 3 and 4. The students participated in three sessions; Theory, Energy Systems and Biomechanics.

    The purpose of the excursion was to allow students to gain first hand experience of how to apply key concepts to athletic performance, to further enhance their understanding of school assessed coursework using laboratory activities and to work with leading Australian sports scientists in a nationally recognised testing facility. 

    Many thanks to Coby and Riley (VO2 Max Test), Mitchell (Anaerobic Analysis) and Megan and Emily (Biomechanical Analysis) for participating and allowing the class to assess their fitness and technique. All of these participants obtained excellent results for all the students to study. Also well done to all of the students for representing the College in a pleasing manner.

    Many thanks to Jason Broadbear (Health and Physical Education Learning Area Leader) for attending and supporting the students in gaining further knowledge in this area.

    Joe McLean  Year 12 Coordinator


    Also in this Edition