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    Drysdale Bypass Project Update

    Drysdale Bypass Update

    We’re building the 6km Drysdale Bypass between Jetty Road and Whitcombes Road to improve safety and ease congestion on the Bellarine Peninsula.

    The bypass is really starting to take shape and we are making changes to the local road network in readiness for when the bypass is completed and opened later this year.

    The next phase of works involves turning on the new traffic lights and moving traffic at the new intersections at Portarlington Road, Grubb Road and the future Bypass, and also at the new Jetty Road where it intersects with High Street and Reserve Road.

    What we’ll do and when

    The work will be undertaken in two stages;

    • On Tuesday, 10 March 2020, we will turn on the new traffic lights at the intersection of High Street and Reserve Road. Traffic will be directed along the realigned Jetty Road which connects into the new High Street and Reserve Road traffic lights.

    • On Wednesday, 11 March 2020, we will turn on the traffic lights at the Portarlington, Grubb Road and High Street intersection. The Portarlington, Grubb and Jetty Road roundabout will be closed and removed between the Caltex service station entrance and the roundabout.

    The installation of traffic signals at these intersections provides the safest and most efficient solution to traffic flow at the Portarlington, Grubb and Jetty Road intersection. When the traffic lights are turned on, it’s important to keep in mind this arrangement is temporary - the full benefits of the signalised intersections will be felt when the bypass opens later this year.

    What you can expect

    During the two-day traffic switch, there will be travel time delays of up to 20 minutes as we prepare to open the two new intersections. This involves moving barriers, completing line marking, standing light poles, completing kerbs and shifting traffic across lanes.

    Traffic management will be directing traffic and monitoring traffic flows during this time.

    Please see attached PDF for more details.

    Drysdale Bypass March 2020 Update Drysdale Bypass March 2020 Update (458 KB)

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