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    Learning Together for Continual Improvement

    Article by Mr Joe McLean

    Learning Together for Continual Improvement

    Learning is at the heart of what we do. We strive to ensure that every student improves in their learning and through a collaboration team approach, we encourage critical thinking, clear communication and creativity within our school community.

    Effective schools are learning communities, the core element of which is a culture of collaboration and collective responsibility for the development of effective teaching practices and improved student achievement. 

    We learn better when we learn together. For this reason, we are developing professional learning teams as part of the 2020 Teacher Development Framework for teaching staff. 

    It involves teachers working in the spirit of openness and critical reflection, sharing their experiences, ideas and expertise with each other and engaging in an ongoing process of inquiry that promotes learning, while maintaining the focus on improving our student outcomes. 

    Since the beginning of the school year, opportunities have been structured into this year’s meeting schedules for teachers to work together on the College’s most valued teaching and learning goals for 2020:

    Student Feedback - Effective feedback via CANVAS – Improved student outcomes.

    Ignatian Learning - Learning through reflection and action (IPP Lens)

    High Performance - Developing students to learn at a high level.

    In the first meeting conducted this term, teaching staff have been focussing on an evidence based model about feedback for students. 

    The teaching staff addressed three important questions;

    1. Where the learner is going?

    2. Where the learner is right now?

    3. Where to next?

    Our teaching staff have shared classroom feedback strategies to help facilitate ways for the students to increase their ownership and self-regulation for their own learning.

    I look forward to continually supporting our teaching staff as we enter into another exciting year at the college. 

    Joe McLean  Director of Teacher Development


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