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    SRC Update

    Article by Janelle Nichols

    SRC Update

    What a great start it has been to 2020!  The new Student Representative Council (SRC) has been announced and we are already beginning to talk about how we can improve our College life. 

    We held elections to determine various roles and the results are: 

    The President: Caitlin Harris

    The Secretary: Florence Noble

    The Promotion Officers: Caine Gale and Janelle Nichols 

    The Casual Day Coordinator: Sam Hines  

    During our meeting on the 28th of February, we discussed possible dates for the Project Compassion Casual Day. Some additional fundraisers on this day will include a cake stall, organised by the Year 10s, and a BBQ, organised by the Year 12s.

    We also discussed many points that students from outside of the SRC have come forward with. These include ideas and criticisms such as:

    • Making sure the clocks in all of the classrooms are fixed to show and display the correct time. 
    • The rules regarding access to music rooms during lunch. 
    • Suggestions regarding jewellery within the uniform policy.
    • The possibility of ‘eftpos’ purchases at the canteen.
    • Concern raised in regards to heating/cooling in the Year 9 centre.
    • A possible year 11 formal.

    As the SRC, we aim to listen to the voices of our year levels and ensure that these voices and ideas are heard, whilst maintaining Jesuit ideals. We look forward to a great year within and outside the SRC. 

    Janelle Nichols  Year 10 SRC Representative

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