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    Ignatian Leaders for 2019

    Article by Ms Penny King

    Ignatian Leaders for 2019

    Students from Years 8,10,11 and 12 have recently voted for their Ignatian Homeroom Leaders for 2019. Congratulations to all students who have been elected and presented with their badges. We know we will witness strong leadership skills and initiatives throughout the year. The Ignatian leaders primarily work closely with the Year Level Co-ordinators.

    The Year 7 students will elect their Ignatian leaders after the Camp in early term two. The Year 9 students will elect their leaders at the Leadership day held at Anglesea next week.

    Mr Anthony Gravener (Student Leadership Development Co-ordinator) and I have met with many students in positions of leadership so far this year and have been very impressed by the positive attitudes and the sense of collaboration that we have witnessed. The G 11 have been very constructive role models for the younger leaders.

    We are sure the Ignatian leaders along with other students in leadership positions will support the College motto for the year: 'Be the Difference'

    Year 8 Ignatian Leaders

    8 Campion:  Kathleen Donald and Murphy Moulton.
    8 Castillo:  Ari Gillies and Byron Ward
    8 Chardin:  Jorja Sitlington and Joshua Dougherty
    8 Campion: Kathleen Donald and Murphy Moulton.
    8 Daniel:  Thomas Ray and Sasha Williams
    8 Montserrat:  Matthew Brennan and Tiahni Paseuthsak
    8 Owen:  Juddy Verlin and Matilda Stepto 
    8 Realino:  Flynn Smith and Ruby McCooke
    8 Rubio:  Mitchell Blair and Lily Hallam. 
    8 Xavier:  Ella Beasley and Luke Voudiotis

    Year 10 Ignatian Leaders

    10 Garner:  Harper Renkauskas and Sebastian Cassels-Rantall
    10 Loyola:  Tahlia Walker and Finn Moate
    10 Andres:  Bailey Mitrovski and Mollie Hill
    10 Brennan:  Karly Lourie and Neo Williams
    10 Briant:  Kiara Troop and Luis Salla
    10 Morse:  Coco Bullock and Dylan Bland
    10 Evans:  Florence Noble and Charlie Harper Adams
    10 Kostka:  Hunter Benness and Laney McFadyen
    10 Ogilvie:  Daniel McInerny-Sotomayor and Jasmine Duff

    Year 11 Igantian Leaders

    11 Bellarmine:  Sebastian Monahan and Brianna Connor
    11 Canisius:  Ryan Baird and Olivia Perilli
    11 Denn:  William Bothe and Lauren McCleland
    11 Hopkins:  Charles Darcy and Isabella Kelly
    11 Hurtado:  Caine Gale and Abbey Walker
    11 Juana:  Jonathan Peck and Eva Cooper
    11 More  Jared Leo and Jessica Breckon
    11 Sanchez:  Joseph Harrison and Abbey Donnelly
    11 Southwell:  Jaxon Cameron and Hannah Pannuzzo

    Year 12 Ignatian Leaders

    12 Bobola:  Ruby Moreland and Cahill Hardman 
    12 Garnett:  Georgie Endrei and Maggie Van Bakkum
    12 Jerome:  Angus Thompson and Nikita Page
    12 Rodriguez:  Bridget Hooper and William Edwards
    12 Inigo:  Chloe Broadhurst and Noah Langerak
    12 Howett:  Sophie Skuza and Ross Symonds
    12 Francis:  Morgan Devlin and Patrick Skuza
    12 Healy:  Lucy Moate and Bailey Kelly
    12 Barry:  Alysha Warren and Darcy Nichols

    Ms Penny King  Assistant Student Leadership Development Co-ordinator



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