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    Camino de Australia

    Article by Mr Brendan Nicholls

    Camino de Australia

    Our camino continues at a fantastic pace. We are somewhere deep in WA heading toward another beautiful location. 

    Keep up with the news via the following blog post (which is included in this artcle as well):

    Brendan Nicholls

    'Welcome to the new participants who have joined us and are keen to help us complete our camino. We look forward to your involvement and energy as we continue our camino (journey) around Australia.

    Our progress has been swift since our last check in. Life at the College has also proceeded at an amazing pace with much being packed into the first month of the school year. Cross country training has begun with the largest numbers yet (an average of 12 each Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime!).

    Our total is currently 12784km! An amazing total that averages out to just on 500km per week. We have some people training for ultra marathons who are clocking up 80-100km a week and others who walk daily adding a good 50km a week. Every member of our pilgrimage is valued and helps us achieve our goal and at the same time they set an example of a healthy active lifestyle. Thank you and well done!

    Since our last update we passed John XXIII College (Perth). John XXIII College is quite similar to SICG as it's a co-educational College of 1500 students (although it's P-12 in structure).

    The College was founded in 1977 after the amalgamation of  seperate Loreto (girls) and Jesuit (boys) schools. The College was named after Pope John XXIII (now St John XXIII), who was an inspired leader whose vision led to Vatican II and whose love and humility inspires us even today.

    ​John XXIII College is a key component of Catholic Education in Perth with the clear point of difference being it's Jesuit charism and lived experience of Ignatian Spirituality. 

    Our journey continues to our next Jesuit/Ignatian waypoint which is Sevenhill Winery (SA). As this post closes we about 70km the other side of Bunbury heading towards Peaceful Bay which is a truly delightful place.

    ​Keep on moving!'

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