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    Perfomance & Instrumental News

    Performance & Instrumental News Update

    VCE Theatre Studies – Rhea Walker

    Congratulations to Sebastian Dowler on his appointment as an MTC Ambassador for 2020. Seb is a passionate director, actor and theatre goer and has undertaken a significant amount of training outside of our school setting. He works with local theatre groups and is currently directing Act 2 of Alice in Wonderland – our Unit 3 performance.

    He will be joining like-minded students from across Victoria who will meet once a month to discuss and view each of the MTC’s shows. This enriching experience will not only assist Seb to develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in this industry but it will benefit our class through his exposure to a range of professional theatre productions and professionals who make it all happen. Well done Seb!

    Alice in Wonderland – Les Winspear

    Our Unit 3 class has recently completed the planning stage of the Theatre Production Process for our Unit 3 play. It is an exciting take on this classic, whereby the audience will be treated to a psychedelic immersive experience complete with a touch of circus and Tim Burton-esque design features and interestingly, Alice will not be wearing a dress! Stay tuned for more updates on this very exciting student led production to be performed in Term 2 in the Potato Shed. 

    Eclectic Theatre

    The Unit 2 VCE Theatre Studies class are working together to create a powerfully thought provoking piece of theatre based on the concept “Is it worth it?”. This play is embedded with dramaturgy around the impact of social media on social class, self-esteem and friendship groups. It contains issues that all students can relate to and at times, even adults. With theatrical conventions from a range of theatrical styles such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Epic Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd it will definitely make you re-consider next time you click send…is it worth it? This show will be performed in the first week of Term 2.

    Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

    Hit Productions are bringing Ray Lawler’s classic Summer of the Seventeenth Doll to The Potato Shed and our students are lucky enough to attend this fabulous production as part of their Outcome 3 SAC. The play will commence promptly at 8pm and run until 10:30pm on Saturday 14th March. All students must bring a pencil/pen and writing paper to this performance please.

    A triumph at its 1955 Melbourne premiere, followed by a national tour and hugely successful season in London’s West End where it won an award for best new play, this 2020 production of the Australian classic Summer of the Seventeenth Doll celebrates the 65th Anniversary of this iconic play. 

    Go to: to find out more.

    Instrumental/Public Speaking Lessons 

    The year has commenced with over 200 students taking instrumental or public speaking lessons. These lessons are on a rotating basis, so hopefully the students will not miss the same classes each week. 

    If students are interested in taking lessons, please fill out an instrumental/public speaking form from the office or contact Mrs Pape: Forms are to be returned before the end of the term. 


    Our ensembles are growing in numbers. During lunchtimes, the performing arts area is a hive of activity with students rehearsing for the many concerts coming up in the next term. 

    Students who are interested in joining an ensemble are encouraged to see the teachers below. 

    Honours and Junior Band: Mrs Marrie
    Intermediate Symphonic Winds: Ms Cordell
    Senior Symphonic Winds: Ms Doble/Mrs Pape
    Stage Band: Mr Neal
    Senior and Junior choirs: Mrs Brown
    The Magis Men: Mrs Pape 

    Public Speaking Teacher

    This year we welcome a new public speaking teacher Ms Nikki Zhao

    Nikki Zhao is a NIDA trained voice teacher and dialect coach helping professional speakers and performers to become more confident, effective and engaging communicators. 

    Nikki has always been involved in the performing arts community and events. She was actively involved in music and events in university, and can speak both Chinese and English fluently. In 2012, she was casted as Mulan in Mulan: The Original Musical and begun her first voice coaching role at a charity event Stage Fright in Melbourne. Since then, Nikki has been involved in a variety of events and theatre productions.

    In 2019, Nikki commenced her MFA and completed her teaching placements at NIDA. She then had the privilege to exchange her expertise for an immersed cultural learning and teaching experience in Singapore. During her two months international secondment, she worked with acting students and dance performers to explore confidence in their vocal expression, and built a great rapport with the students and teachers at Lasalle and ITI.

    Nikki looks forward to working with students at Saint Ignatius College Geelong who seek to develop more confidence in their vocal expression, public speaking, presentation or auditioning skills. 

    We have many performances coming up in second term, so please look out for our next newsletter when we shall let you know the dates and times. 

    Please take care and remember - “Music is food for the soul”

    Mrs Linda Pape  Performance and Instrumental Coordinator. 


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