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    Year 12 Retreat

    Article by Ms Kristin Williamson

    Year 12 Retreat

    From Monday 2nd - Friday 6th March, all Year 12 students travelled to the Don Bosco Camp in Dromana for their annual Retreat. The theme for the Retreat was “This Is Me” and students explored their place in school and the wider community with this as the basis for their reflection. 

    Students travelled by ferry across the Bay to the campsite where they enjoyed 3 days of spending time as a cohort and developing and strengthening relationships. 

    A beach walk, yoga, art classes, mindfulness activities, team building games and companion bracelet making were highlights of the trip. Students threw themselves wholeheartedly into all activities and the sounds of laughter and quiet contemplation were equally heard.

    Students also had an opportunity to reflect on their journey at Saint Ignatius College and look towards their future. They contemplated this in a manner befitting some of the values values of Saint Ignatius – gratitude, respect and kindness. The values of Saint Ignatius were reflected in the many activities undertaken and students had an opportunity to reflect on these and strengthen their faith.

    Delicious and plentiful meals were a highlight and it was lovely for students to share meals and conversations in this environment and slow down and take a step back from our modern society.

    Jeffrey from Jesuit Social Services program - Just Voices - spoke to students about his experiences as a refugee and highlighted to students that perseverance will allow them to make the best of any opportunity.

    The support of the staff that attended the Retreat  was amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to our year 12 students by participating 100% in all activities and giving up their time away from their personal lives to share this experience with the students.

     A very big thank you to Ms Alicia Deak and Mr Paul Lewis for their support, organisation of the program and ensuring everything we needed was available.

    All staff ensured a memorable Retreat was given to our students – huge thanks to Mr Michael Timms, Ms Tenille Thomson, Mrs Bronwyn Tegousis, Mrs Colleen Boland, Mr Andrew Smith, Ms Andrea Dart, Mrs Gemma Tolan, Mr John Clatworthy, Ms Vicky Munro, Mr Brendan O’Brien, Ms Marina Brown, Ms Stacey Learmonth, Mr Jason Broadbear, Ms Julia Hall, Mr Joe McLean, Miss Ruth Nolan and Mrs Alex Simpson.

    Ms Kristin Williamson  Year 12 Coordinator





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