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    Biomechanics Laboratory

    Article by Mr Jason Broadbear

    VCE Physical Education students undertake Biomechanics laboratory

    On Wednesday 27th February, St Ignatius College welcomed for the first time to the school, METS Performance Consulting who offer learning experiences for VCE students. 

    As part of their Unit 3 Physical Education studies, our 54 students are currently investigating the role of Biomechanics in elite sport and how this can improve sports performance. 

    Presenter Luke McIlroy, worked with our students during three sessions explaining and then demonstrating through practical activities, how a number of biomechanical concepts can effect the ability for an athlete to produce best efforts. 

    From concepts such as angular momentum, inertia and Newton’s Three Laws of motion, our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and certainly would have gained further knowledge as they prepare for their first SAC.

    Mr Jason Broadbear  Health and PE Leader

    Also in this Edition