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    WIRED Reading Program

    Article by Mrs Jane Alexander

    WIRED Reading Program

    "If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book."  J.K. Rowling

    All Year 7 – 9 classes are currently participating in the WIRED reading program provided through their English classes. Year 7s are attending weekly sessions and Year 9s are coming into the ILC fortnightly. Students are being encouraged to read in a quiet and sustained manner for this lesson. Many staff and students are loving the restful atmosphere in the ILC when these classes are participating in the program.

    Online testing for Year 7s has been completed in the past few weeks and the results will be analysed so that the students can access level appropriate texts which may increase the chances of their enjoyment in the reading program. The testing will also allow the school to track the future progress, or if there is regression in reading skills this can be addressed as well.

    It is always interesting to read student reflections. The comments below were collected from Year 7 students who participated in the program last year.

    ‘I valued Wired because it was a nice relaxing time to just sit and read a novel, before getting back into class work. India’.   Rose Benton

    ‘I liked that in WIRED we had the chance to just read and not do anything else. I liked this because sometimes you just get too much work to do and need a break’.  Zachary Dwyer

    ‘I love the period of calmness and quiet in the library to relax’.   Joyce Alexander

    ‘I value WIRED because I love to read and WIRED gave me the chance to enjoy my book during the day in some peace and quiet’.   Zali Mew

    ‘It gave me a chance to sit down and relax and I do not get to do that very often’.   Ethan Higgins

    The key message from the students seems to be that by providing an opportunity to read there are benefits that are flowing on into other areas of their lives.

    As parents you can support this program by simply asking your son or daughter what they are currently reading. Screen time tends to dominate both family and school life so this program aims to throw out a challenge to students and parents to return to the simplicity of reading.

    Mrs Jane Alexander  Literacy Coordinator


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