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    College Examen

    Article by Mrs. Claire Hewitt

    The Saint Ignatius College Examen

    Every Friday from 8.55am- 9.00am the entire College community stops for 5 minutes and we all pray The Examen. 

    During this time, we apologise for any inconvenience but we are unable to take phone calls and are required to ask visitors to take a seat until the Examen is over. 

    What is the Examen? This prayer helps us become more aware of God’s presence in our life. During this prayer we reflect upon our experiences over the past day or week and ask for the Grace to be able to recognise God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus in these experiences. This prayer can become a central element in the life of any busy person, helping us to find God in our ordinary, everyday activities. We are invited to pause for a short time and reflect on our Gratitude; How I can change for the better; Review my actions in the previous week; Forgiveness for myself and others; What decisions can I make today that will affect who I am tomorrow?

    Saint Ignatius: Pray for us.

    Accompanying the Examen each week is the magnificent and exquisite "Gabriel's Oboe", the main theme for the 1986 film "The Mission", and named after missionary Jesuit Father Gabriel in 18th-century South America. The name of the score refers to Father Gabriel who travels to Iquazu Falls, climbs to the top and plays his oboe captivating the Guaraní warriors.

    Mrs. Claire Hewitt

    Also in this Edition