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    Performing Arts News

    Article by Mrs linda Pape

    Performing Arts News

    Fantastic Friday

    Thanks so much to our Arts captain, Jack Woodfine who has recently organised musicians to play in the senior quad. It is wonderful to see the students supporting each other and Jack is hoping to see many new musicians perform during these lunch hour concerts. 

    Jack has many ideas for the arts and he will be speaking to our students at our College assembly on Friday.  

    ANZAC Day Service

    Many thanks to our Senior Symphonic Winds and the College Choir for performing the National Anthem at our recent Anzac Service.

    Thankyou also to the music teachers who assisted the students. A very special thankyou to Mr Angelo Scotto who I believe takes first prize for his performance of “The Last Post”.  

    Thanks also to “The Magis Men” and the Magis band for their wonderful rendition of “We Still Call Australia Home”.   

    VCE Music Soiree

    The VCE music students are busy preparing for their performances which will be held at the Piano Bar on Thursday May 23rd at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased on the following link.

    Mr Tim Neal

    We welcome Mr Tim Neal who has joined our vibrant staff in the Performing Arts. Mr Neal is taking the saxophone and clarinet students, the Stage Band and he is also part of the Year 7 music team.

    Mr Neal has expressed how much he enjoys teaching our students and he is amazed at the talent we have in our College. Tim is looking forward to nurturing his students and assisting them in reaching their full potential.  

    Tim Neal is an Australian B3 Hammond organist and saxophonist. He has performed as part of the Paul Williamson Hammond Combo for about 20 years and in a number of other bands including The Swingin' Sidewalks, The Feelin' Groovies, Festa and Banana Oil. He also fronted his own Tim Neal Big Organ Band[7] and The Tim Neal Trio.

    Tim has toured extensively and played at many festivals, both in Australia and overseas. He has been a part of a number of Australian and International acts, including Guy Pearce's “Unconscious Brothers” and Steve Magnussen's “Kinfolk”. 

    Banana Oil won an Apra Award in 1998 for their album Guava Lampo and the Paul Williamsons Hammond Combo was nominated for Apra award in 2001 for their album Live at the Espy. The Banana Oil song “My Family” was used in the movie “Bedazzled” starring Elizabeth Hurley in 2000.

    Ms Chelsea Gibb

    After two years, we welcome back Ms Chelsea Gibb. In her previous role in the college, Chelsea taught vocal. Chelsea has taken over the role of public speaking from Mrs Jessica Sherman who is on maternity leave.  We wish Jessica and her husband all the best with their new role as parents. I am sure Chelsea will enjoy her new position and hope many parents and friends will save Thursday, August 15th,7pm, for the Public Speaking recital. More details to follow soon.    

    Year 7 Concert Band Performance

    Monday 17th June: The Potato Shed

    Rehearsals for our much anticipated Concert Band Evening have been progressing well. After a week of school camp, the students return to furious practise of their combined band and ensemble pieces in preparation for the event which will be held at The Potato Shed. There will be 2 concerts on the evening, the details of which are below:

    5:15pm – 6:00pm Saints Claver, Borgia and Lewis (Arrive 4:45pm)

    6:30pm – 7:15pm Saints Ward and Miki (Arrive 6:00pm)

    We look forward to hearing the efforts of our students at this event – you will be amazed at the progress the students have made after only a short period of tuition on their instruments. Please support your child by encouraging them to practise consistently over the next few weeks. Families will be notified of ticketing arrangements shortly.

    The Year 7 Honours Band

    Beginning this Friday 17th May, a small portion of the Year 7, Semester 1 Music cohort will rehearse together an awesome piece, which will be presented at the Concert Band Evening mentioned above. This is an extra-curricular opportunity offered to the students to extend their musical skills. We look forward to hearing the results of their hard work at the concert in June.

    Mrs Veronica Marrie  Year 7 Concert Band Coordinator

    Geelong Catholic Colleges Combined Bands Day

    Tuesday 28th May, Covenant College

    Students playing in the SICG Junior Concert Band and the SICG Intermediate Symphonic Winds will combine together with over 200 musicians from schools in the region, to participate in a massed rehearsal and performance at Covenant College. Playing together in an intensive afternoon of rehearsals, allows our students the opportunity to develop their musical skills further and to immerse themselves in this unique experience of playing within a very large ensemble! A repertoire highlight will include a piece of music entitled, ‘Frogs’, featuring a unique percussion instrument: a frog guiro. The event will culminate in an evening concert starting at 6pm for family and friends. 

    Mrs Veronica Marrie and Miss Naomi Cordell  Concert Band Conductors

    Production News

    “School of Rock”

    The production team and cast have been in after school rehearsals every Monday night this term. Our incredibly talented cast have been busy learning dynamic choreography, challenging vocals and now we have completed the blocking for the musical through to scene 4! A huge effort from all!

    But equally as impressive is the huge amount of work that is going on behind the scenes as the costume department are busy designing and sourcing costumes. The music department are devising interesting ways that we can incorporate more live instrumentalist music on stage throughout the show and the students are dedicating their personal time to learning their lines and practising the show numbers! This private practice at home means that rehearsals are stream lined and professional. Thank you to everyone for always being on time and putting in 100%! You rock!

    Miss Rhea Walker   Director

    Unit 3 Theatre Studies

    Our VCE Theatre Studies students have been busy rehearsing the musical High School Musical Jr. to meet their Unit 3, Outcome 1. To meet the outcome they must interpret a script across the stages of the production process through creative, imaginative and collaborative work undertaken in two production roles. Noah Gullan is directing the musical and the class have been working incredibly hard, rehearsing both in their own time and during Theatre Studies classes to ensure that this all singing, all dancing musical is a real hit!

    There are only two shows (June 4th @ 7pm and June 5th @ 11am) so don’t miss out! Tickets are only available ONLINE at

    Tickets are FREE but seating is allocated.

    We are looking forward to seeing you there!

    Miss Rhea Walker and the Unit 3 Theatre Studies class.

    See the PDF flyer below for details:

    Unit 3 Theatre Studies: High School Musical PDF Unit 3 Theatre Studies: High School Musical PDF (2217 KB)


    Instrumental lessons are well underway for term 2 and I do ask that parents keep track of their child’s lesson time each week. It would be beneficial if parents give a gentle reminder to their child so that a lesson is not accidently missed and also a teacher is not wasting his or her time waiting for a student.

    There are a couple of vacancies in some instruments. Instrumental enrolment forms can be obtained from either the front office or the performing arts office.

    Thank you for your continued support of our performing arts students and I do look forward to seeing you at our future concerts.

    Mrs Linda Pape  Performance and Instrumental Coordinator. 

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