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    Year 7 Camp 2019

    Article by Ms Leonie O'Brien

    Year 7 Camp 2019

    New Beginnings and New Opportunities

    Between the 6-10th May, our Year 7s travelled to Anglesea YMCA for a camp. 

    The focus of the camp was team building through activities. Students were encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zone as they worked through a program of initiatives that ranged from Fishing to climbing 18m in the Vertical Challenge.  

    In this wonderful environment, new friends were made and laughter rang out across the camp ground.

    Our students are to be commended on their positive attitude and behaviour. They supported each other and should be very proud of how far they have come on their journey at Saint Ignatius. They truely embraced the theme of New Beginnings and New Opportunities. 

    I would like to thank the students and our passionate and committed staff who worked tirelessly to make Camp 2019 such a success. 

    Ms Leonie O’Brien  Year Level Coordinator

    What the students had to say:

    My favourite part of camp was the giant swing. I went all the way to the top! My heart skipped a beat when I pulled the cherry at the top but as soon as I was swinging I had so much fun. The view was great!! 

    Bella Gleeson

    Camp was amazing, phenomenal even. We were given so many opportunities and we got a chance to meet new people and create new friendships. My experience was awesome. I loved getting to know new people, and I must say all the activities we so much fun! My three favourite activities would easily be the giant swing, the mountain bike riding as well as the vertical challenge. 

    Taylah Drake

    My favorite part about camp was the fishing. it was very fun, I caught 5 fish and one very big one.

    Connor O’Neill

    My camp highlights was the crate climb it was really fun and challenging. Also Mr Timms on the giant swing screaming!

    Claire Abreu

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