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    From the Principal

    Article by Mr Michael Exton

    From the Principal

    Building program update

    The new Year 9 and Multipurpose Centres under construction are now very prominent buildings on the school site. The main building activity is now directed to the interiors and external landscaping. From outside, the buildings look like they are nearing completion however, there is still considerable works needed inside.  

    The latest estimate from the builders of the handover time is at the end of August.  So we are looking forward to taking possession in September.  Hopefully there will be no delays in the meantime.

    Sad news

    On behalf of our College community, I express our sympathy to two families from our College community who have recently lost loved ones.

    Prudence Flynn (Year 11), her brothers Clark and Joel on the passing of their dearly loved mother, Marjorie Flynn.

    Teacher Stacey Learmonth and her family on the passing of her dearly loved father, Roger Learmonth. I also express our sympathy to Joe McLean (Year 12 YLC) son-in-law of Roger.

    May Marjorie and Roger Rest in Peace.

    School attendance

    One of the key tenets of our College mission is to form well-rounded young men and women. The College provides many and varied opportunities for students to support our holistic approach to education.  We encourage our students to be involved in the co-curricular program to the best of their ability and interests.

    To their credit, most of our students, most of the time do embrace these opportunities. We have worked hard to develop a culture where it is the done thing to try out and have a go. The attendance rate at Sport Carnivals has been very high.  For example, the number of absentees from the Swim Carnival was about the same as a normal school day of classes. Our sports teams have no shortage of participants and our performing arts opportunities, particularly the College production are very well patronised. A strong culture of students participating in co-curricular activities and events builds school community, improves student learning outcomes and strengthens the holistic education we provide that results in our graduates being known as well-rounded young women and men of character and compassion.

    It is important we monitor and support the expectation of high student attendance and participation in College events. It is a condition of enrolment. 

    Recently, I learnt that some of our Year 11 students did not attend a special year level day on Road Safety. I was disappointed about this. 

    Students must not opt out of such events without a very good reason. This was a valuable program and the organising staff put a lot of effort into providing this educational experience.  I imaging that most of our Year 11 students are currently ‘L’ plate drivers and with the current focus on road safety because of the increased road toll, I think the value of this program would be self-evident and therefore not to be missed. 

    Strong values with consistent good habits develop character.  The behaviour of most of our students gives me confidence that they are developing a strong character.  

    I want to protect and promote this.  I expect parents to support us with the expectation that if there are no extenuating circumstances, their daughter or son does not pick and choose which days to attend.  As a matter of course, the Year 11 Team will carry out an evaluation of the day with a view to ensuring they are always improving how we do things, so next year’s will be even better and hopefully attended by all students.

    Finishing on a positive note, I am well aware of the high student attendance at many other recent events.  Two that I recently had the pleasure of attending were the Year 8 Mass and Dinner and the VCE Music Soiree evening. Both were well attended and I commend the students for their involvement.

    Michael Exton  Principal 

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