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    Exam Preparation

    Article by Mr Michael Timms

    Exam Preparation

     The Semester exam period is fast approaching. All Years 9,10 and 11 students should be beginning the revision process and preparing themselves thoroughly for the exams. Two areas that have been adjusted this year are the grading scale for students who are absent from exams and the inclusion of an exam redemption for those students who did not satisfactorily complete an exam.

    There is a copy of the Exam Practices and Procedures in the 2018 Student Planner and on the College website, however, I felt it was important to highlight this document to parents/guardians.

    Exam Practices and Procedures


    Saint Ignatius College Geelong is a Learning Community that provides opportunities for all students to achieve success.

    At Saint Ignatius College students achieve success by attending all classes, being punctual, completing all required work, being self-motivated, committing to a homework schedule and developing a career pathway.

    The purpose of examinations is to challenge students to assume continuing responsibility for their personal learning and growth.

    They will help to strengthen the accuracy of Saint Ignatius College school-based data when measuring annual improvement in learning outcomes while also identifying students whose unexpected results may indicate more deep-seated learning concerns.

    In particular, the Redemption exam in Semester one will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of skills and content for that subject prior to undertaking annual subject selection at Years 9, 10 or 11 in Semester two.


    Our vision for Saint Ignatius College is one in which all students are empowered to achieve success. We aim to ensure that the diverse needs, achievements and strengths of every individual are recognised, nurtured and celebrated. We foster a supportive environment, building on the strengths within our school community.

    Purpose of Exams

    Saint Ignatius College conducts formal internal exams from Years 9 – 11 in order to provide students with the skills necessary to perform effectively when undertaking external academic assessments such as VCE VCAA examinations. They also provide students with the opportunity to better determine their suitability for pathways at Senior level (VCAL/VET/VCE) within our College.

    Furthermore, the sequence of formal exams from Years 9 – 12 provides all students with exposure to this recognized type of assessment.

    In Year 12, students undertaking the VCE pathway will complete Unit 3/ 4 VCAA examinations. Students who take this academic pathway will also be expected to complete any internal examinations authorised by the College during the course of their Unit 3/ 4 studies.

    Exam Redemption

    If, work submitted by a student in an exam does not meet the required standard for satisfactory completion, the subject teacher may require that the student complete exam redemption.

    The process to follow is:

    A redemption notification form will need to be completed, ideally up to one week prior to the redemption day. Redemption will take place on the student free Report Writing days in Semester one and/or two.

    NB. The original result for the exam will not be altered.

    If, after completing the redemption exam, the student is still deemed to have not demonstrated an adequate understanding, or not to have made a reasonable attempt to complete the redemption exam paper, the subject teacher and Year Level Coordinator of that student will organise a parent / guardian meeting to review student progress.

    The teacher and relevant Year Level Coordinator will determine the subsequent course of action following this meeting.

    Exam Absences

    An NA (Not Able to be Assessed) can only be awarded for an exam absence in one or more of the following circumstances:

    • pre-existing documented medical condition • medical certificate on day of exam
    • significant or personal family situation e.g. funeral/car accident/bereavement.
    • SICG immersion trips and/or approved SICG educational learning program eg. Overseas student exchange

    * NB. If a student is ill on the day a medical certificate is required.

    For any other circumstances an NS (Not submitted or completed) will be awarded. This means that they will receive a ‘zero’ for that examination assessment task.

    Furthermore, any student that fails to attend an exam and has not met one of the conditions deemed appropriate to receive an ‘NA’ for such an absence, will be required to sit an exam redemption.

    Student Expectations

    • • Students prepare for all exams through revision and formalized study.
    • • Students draw upon pre existing time management, organizational and revision skills to structure a formal study program.
    • • Students attempt all exams to the best of their ability.
    • • Students are present for all exams.
    • • Students are prepared to address lack of effort or application through the exam redemption process.
    • • Exam procedures in Years 9-11, as outlined in existing College documentation, must be adhered to in all exams.
    • • VCE Unit 3/ 4 students must adhere to published VCAA examination procedures.

    Subject Teacher Expectations

    • • Subject teachers revise class work adequately prior to exams to optimize student performance.
    • • Subject teachers organize and provide revision material for students at least one week before the scheduled exam.
    • • Subject teachers work within Learning Areas to co-ordinate appropriate revision.
    • • Subject teachers will provide feedback to students on their redemption exam performance at the earliest opportunity.
    • • The College provides the opportunity for students to re-sit exams according to stated practices and procedures.

    Adjusted Exams

    Subject teachers, in consultation with and under the advice of the College learning Support Coordinator will adjust exams where necessary to accommodate existing documented individual student learning needs.

    Specific Exam Arrangements

    Fair and reasonable individual exam arrangements to demonstrate learning will be provided to students affected by illness, impairment or personal circumstances.

    I encourage all parents/guardians to work with their child/children to prepare them effectively for the exams. This could be as simple as organising a study space at home that is conducive for learning or organising some study groups with friends. This can be a stressful time for some young people and it is important that we support our students during this assessment period. I wish all the students the best with their exams.

    Mr Michael Timms Deputy Principal  [Students]

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