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    Article by Mr Michael Exton


    A new Catholic secondary school in the Geelong region

    On Wednesday afternoon, I attended the ‘Groundbreaking Ceremony’ for a new secondary Catholic coeducational college in Armstrong Creek.

    The Archbishop of Melbourne, His Grace Denis Hart and the Executive Director of Catholic Education, Mr Stephen Elder were present at this historic occasion.  Archbishop Hart announced that the College would be called Iona College Geelong.

    The new College will be located on the corner of Horseshoe Bend Road and Boundary Road in Charlemont and will open in 2020 with construction expected to begin in September.

    This announcement follows a substantial increase in demand for Catholic education in the Geelong region with the opening this year of two new Catholic primary schools in Bannockburn and Torquay and the existing Catholic secondary colleges reaching capacity.  As you would be aware, our College has experienced tremendous demand for places from families across the region, and unfortunately, we have not been able to accommodate many of the applicants. 

    About this, Mr Elder said at the Ceremony,

    “The fact there is such high demand for Catholic education is a testament to Geelong’s Catholic schools and teachers who are providing an affordable, high-quality education that shapes happy, resilient, students who are filled with a love of learning and life. It’s a credit to them.”

     In his address at the site, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart explained the choice of name as follows.

    “Iona represents one of the earliest and most significant Catholic sites in the British Isles, the Monastery of Iona, founded in the fifth century.”

    “Like Iona College, the Monastery of Iona was a centre of learning by the sea. Just as Iona College will serve and underpin a growing community, Iona was literally a rock of faith, an island monastery rich in knowledge, a centre of tranquillity in turbulent times and a force for spreading the Gospel in parts then considered the edges of the world.”

    “The spirit and influence of Iona lived on in the first Catholics to come to Victoria, descendants of the Celtic world from Ireland, who took the message of Christ to a land yet largely unknown to Europeans, to the very edge of their world, and kindled the fire of faith which still burns brightly today.”

    Saint Ignatius College Geelong welcomes the development of the new school.  With another secondary Catholic coeducational college in the Geelong region from 2020, our College Board has formed a sub-committee to advise the College Executive on how we can support the development of this school and manage the implications for enrolment policy and process.

    Michael Exton  Principal


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