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    Year 9 News

    Article by Mr Joe Pannuzzo

    Year 9 News

    Year 9 Expedition

    Our Year 9 students returned from Expedition invigorated by the challenges placed upon them. Many stories of teamwork, overcoming adversity and building a rapport with staff were shared upon their return. 

    As a College we are proud of the way our students conducted themselves and the application to develop their leadership, social and resilience skills. We are sure that down the track these students will be able to draw upon their experiences from the Expedition, to overcome life’s little challenges. The students recently responded to an Expedition survey and we thank them for their honesty and recommendation for improving the 2020 Expedition. 

    We also thank the parents and staff who also offered some feedback related to their observations.

    Year 9 Exam Timetable

    The College is now in a position to publish the Semester 2 Examination Timetable. We have spaced the exams out over 4 days, as per the recommendation of students and staff after mid-year. This will hopefully relieve some pressure for students and staff. 

    Please note that examinations are a part of our curriculum and it is the expectation that students undertake these exams. As we have a tight schedule leading into the end of the year, staff are busy correcting assessment tasks, exams and writing reports. 

    We are unable to offer students the opportunity to sit exams prior to the schedule date, due to the possibility of jeopardising the integrity of the Examination process. This means that students that miss an exam can only complete that exam during study periods during the exam timetable. 

    Please organise family holidays and appointments after the Examination period.

    Exam Timetable

    All Year 9 exams will be conducted in the new Year 9 centre.

    Thursday November 28th

    Periods 1&2: Normal Classes

    Periods 3&4: Normal Classes

    Periods 5&6: Religious education

    Friday November 29th

    Periods 1&2: English

    Periods 3&4: Exam study in Homeroom groups

    Periods 5&6: Science

    Monday December 2nd

    Periods 1&2: Exam study in Homeroom groups

    Periods 3&4: H&PE

    Periods 5&6: Year 7 - 10 Advent Liturgy (Period 5) and Year 9 Thank you assembly / final gathering / afternoon homeroom

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