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    Year 10 Exam Timetable

    Article by Mr Brendan O'Brien

    Year 10 Semester 2 Examination Timetable 2019

    Exam Timetable

    A PDF of this timetable is avialble at the bottom the page.

    Thursday November 28th

    Session 1&2: English (2hours): 9.00am - 9.15am Reading time, 9.15am - 11.15am Writing and English Literature

    Session 3&4: Recess break until 11.48am / Study for all Year 10s

    Session 5&6: Life Science, Fashion and Unit 2 Outdoor Education

    Friday November 29th

    Session 1&2: Digital Technology, Psychology and Science in the World

    Session 3&4: Arkitect, Health and Nutrition, Physical Science and Making Movies

    Session 5&6: Languages (Indonesian), Languages (Italian), Art on Paper and Woodwork

    Monday December 2nd

    Session 1&2: Relgious Education

    Session 3&4: Fit for Life, Unit 2 Theatre Studies, Robotics and Learning for Life

    Session 5&6: 10 Methods (Part A), VCE Maths Methods (Part A), Food and You and Music Industry

    Tuesday December 3rd

    Session 1&2: Cature that Image, Cooking for Life, Hot Spots and Enterprise Me

    Sessions 3&4: General Maths10 Methods (Part A)VCE Maths Methods (Part A),   12.35pm Pizza Lunch - provided

    Session 5&6: Year 7 - 10 Advent Liturgy (Period 5) and Year 10 Thank you assembly /afternoon homeroom / final activity  Dismissal: 3.05pm

    2019 Year 10 Semester 2 Examination Table 2019 Year 10 Semester 2 Examination Table (27 KB)

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