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    From the Principal

    Article by Mr Michael Exton

    From the Principal

    Welcome back to the final school term for 2019. I hope all students have had an enjoyable and restful break, (with some revision and preparation for the new term), and are looking forward to finishing the year off on an excellent note.

    The Interim-semester Two Reports and follow-up Parent/Student/Teacher meetings held at the end of the previous term will have helped identify and affirm good progress to date, provided a valuable opportunity to discuss areas of concern and helped set some directions for a productive time ahead. 

    The Year 12 VCE students sat their practice exams during the second week of the holidays. VCE Coordinator, Mr Michael Brown reported that he was very pleased overall with the way the students approached this crucial assessment preparation.

    Two recent student trips

    Cape York Indigenous Immersion Trip – Thirty-one Yr 9 students travelled with Ms Deb Hodge and Ms Tory Wood and ‘Red Earth’ Guides to visit an indigenous community.

    East Timor Immersion Trip - Twenty Yr 10 & 11 students travelled with staff members Mr Joe Pannuzzo and Ms Rebecca Clarke and a ‘Destination Dreaming’ Leader to Dili and the Arturo Island.

    Both groups returned safely during the holidays. All reports to date indicate the trips went very well. I thank the staff involved and commend the students on the very positive comments I received about their enthusiastic and cooperative approach. 

    Final week for Year 12s

    All parents of Year 12 students will have received a letter from me late term three to communicate some of our expectations and hopes and the plans in place at this stage to help facilitate a positive and smooth finish. (Extra copies are available from our office.) The Year 12s must remain as focused as possible on their studies right through to the last exam. A lot depends on their ability to apply themselves well during this time. I have made it very clear about our expectations for a positive finish by the senior students on their ‘last day,’ Tuesday 22nd October.

    Regular timetabled classes for the Year 12 students will cease on Monday 21st October 2019. The next day, Tuesday 22nd October, will be the Yr 12 ‘Celebration Day.’ The VCE written exam period starts on Wednesday 30th October 2019 with the English exam (for LOTE Oral, Theatre Studies & Music Performance exam times, please check with the subject teacher, some of these examinations have already started.) Visit the following website for the VCE exam timetable: 

    After Tuesday 22nd October 2019, Year 12 teachers will be available during normal class time and by appointment out of class time until the exam for their particular subject. Teachers will discuss these arrangements with their students.

    Some special activities are planned over the “last week” to help make this a special and memorable time for the students and parents. In particular, I remind parents of Year 12 students and friends of the College about the Year 12 Mass at the College Gym on Thursday 17th October 2019 (7:00 pm) and the Full School Assembly on Monday 21st October (report to the office at 10.30 am for a 10:45 am start.) It is expected that all Yr 12 students and their families will attend the special Mass on the 17th October and you would be most welcome to attend the assembly.

    I wish our Year 12 students and their families a special and memorable time during the last phase of their secondary school journey.

    Next Full School Assembly

    All Parents are warmly invited to attend this term’s assembly on Monday 21st October 2019. I ask you to please report to the office at 10:30 am so you can be allocated a seat. The main focus of the assembly will be, as in past years, the school’s farewell to the Year 12 students. 

    Wednesday 23rd October 2019 – normal classes

    Please note that this day is not a holiday for our students – classes will run as usual. As you are aware, this is the day of the annual “Geelong Cup.” Some schools are taking this day as a holiday; we are not as we take Melbourne Cup day instead (together with the day before.) 

    As some schools are taking Geelong Cup off, there was a question over what school buses will run on this day. The Region’s School Bus Coordinator has informed our Bus Coordinator that buses will run on this day for our students. I would suggest that students should check with their driver just before the day, particularly those on buses that carry students from other schools, in case any special arrangements are being made due to fewer students travelling on this day. 


    Very sad news - Madeleine Stub’s (Yr 7) father, Richard, passed away early last week. 

    On behalf of the College community, I extend our sympathy to Madeleine, her mother, Helen and their family and friends on the very sad loss of their dearly loved father and husband, relative and friend, Richard.

    Deputy Principal, Michael Timms and Yr 7 Coordinator, Leonie O’Brien and several other staff members represented the College at Oakdene on last Friday where a celebration of Richard’s life occurred.

    Please keep Madeleine and her family in your thoughts and prayers at this sorrowful and challenging time for them.

    May Richard Rest In Peace.

    Staff news

    Teacher, Elana Cole has shared with us her family’s very exciting news, the arrival of a beautiful baby boy, 'Orlando Jak Lucas,' born on Thursday 26th September.

    Mum and ‘Ollie’ are progressing well. 

    Best wishes to Teacher, Emma Cuthill, who will commence Parental Leave next week. We look forward to future good news!

    One of our current Casual Relief Teachers, Jo Geary, will cover Emma’s classes.

    Year 9 Camp week

    All Year 9 students are away this week attending one of three different five-day camps – Lake Eildon, Murray River (Yarrawonga area) and the Grampians. This camp is run by the ‘Outdoor Education Group’ (OEG) and involves sixteen groups of fourteen Year 9 students spending five days undertaking a challenging personal and group experience. This is the third year we have run this program which has received very positive feedback. OEG’s program is designed to provide a challenging personal and Year 9 community development experience to strengthen our educational program by building student resilience, independence, resourcefulness, leadership, teamwork and self-esteem. I wish everyone involved a safe and rewarding experience.

    Summer Uniform, compulsory Term Four

    Just a reminder about the change to summer uniform for this term. Most students have returned wearing their uniform correctly, clean and in a very good state. I was disappointed that some students returned without doing the necessary check to see all was in order with their summer uniform. In particular, some items of uniform are in disrepair and need to be replaced, some shoes were not clean, and some of the dresses are too short. (The dress length is to the knee with an allowance of up to 5cm above the knee for growth during the term.)

    Some things to be mindful of are:

    • The tie does not have to be worn with the summer uniform in term four;

    • The new type of summer shirt can be worn not tucked into the shorts;

    • The only kind of school shoes permissible are black leather (able to be polished) ones, preferably lace-up (no skate or sports type shoes);

    • The jumper is not to be the outer garment when travelling to and from school, and if it is cold the student should wear their blazer;

    • Long hair (longer than to the shoulder) is tied back with College coloured ribbons and kept off the face;

    • Summer uniform dress length must be to the knee; and

    • The navy blue school hat is compulsory in term four.

    Please find a copy of the uniform policy that relates to summer uniform in the front section of the student planner. Please note that there is a two-week changeover period from winter to summer uniform form the beginning of this term.

    Magis 2018

    Copies of the 2018 College annual magazine, “Magis,” have been distributed. Current families should have received their copy via their daughter/son. Last year’s Yr 12 students, who do not have a sibling currently at the College, should have received their copy via mail to the family home address. If you have not received your copy, please contact the College Office. 

    ‘Magis’ is a fantastic record of College life for the previous year. I hope you enjoy looking over the year’s records in this annual magazine. I also hope that over time, it will become a treasured memory of the 2018 school year for our College community members.

    On behalf of the College community, I express my gratitude to our Communications Officer, Mr Tony Berryman-Long, for his coordination, design work and development of the ‘Magis’ for another year.  

    Best wishes,

    Michael Exton Principal

    Privacy and information collection - Saint Ignatius College Geelong is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1998. In relation to health records, the School is also bound by the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic.). A copies of the College’s Privacy Policy and ‘Collection Notice’ that take into account these laws, technology and changes to the School’s operations and practices is available on our website. You can find the link at the bottom of the College’s web page.    



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