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    All Abilities Colour Run

    Article by Ms Kirsty Allan

    All Abilities Colour Run!!

    On Friday 8th of November, Year 11 VCAL is hosting a ‘Colour for Awareness’ event.

    Our aim is to promote a sense of equality for everyone and encouraging the view of seeing the person, not the disability. We are demonstrating these views by having students experience what it might be like living with a disability and by providing some fun challenges with a different restrictions accompanying them.

    These activities will show that despite the challenges that may be faced, there are different ways they can be overcome.
We are going to be using the funds we raise to support Blackwood Special School Outdoor Education Camp (BSSOE), which we attended in Term 3, to help them access better equipment, or to improve their facilities. This will hopefully allow BSSOE the ability to better accommodate the variety of youths they take charge of. We were very humbled by the experience that we had working with a variety of different young people.

    By attending our Colour for Awareness event students and staff are heading towards a future of equality and promoting a better perspective of inclusion of all people. 

    We hope to see you there,

    Year 11 VCAL

    Colour for Awareness 2019 PDF Colour for Awareness 2019 PDF (1622 KB)

    Also in this Edition